Revenge to death

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When a wife finds out the whole truth about her husband she'll do anything to not get hurt.

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




A Family Affair

Danielle and Brandon were always a good couple. Yes, they had a few issues, but I mean what couple doesn’t?  It wasn’t until Danielle found out what Brandon was really up to when their marriage began to crumble underneath them. Danielle found out about Brandon’s affair with his secretary. She found out when she went to his office to surprise him and take him out to lunch. She was about at his door when she heard some giggling, and some low whisper talking. “Im so glad were together baby.” She knew that was Brandon’s voice because of how deep and scratchy it was. “Yeah, too bad you have the wife of yours because than we could be together forever.” Danielle knew that was his secretary Jessica because of your squeaky voice. “We should go on a vacation, I mean just tell your wife it’s another business trip. She will believe you” said Jessica. “Okay I will, it will be so much fun” said Brandon. Danielle couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She peeped through his office window and saw them hugging and kissing. She stumbled backwards, enraged with anger. She knew exactly what to do.

She drove back home crying her eyes out so confused but she knew what had to be done. She had to kill him. She couldn’t let him hurt her. She wouldn’t allow it. She got home and packed a small bag. She just put the essentials in some underwear, shirts, pants, extra toothbrush, hairbrush, and deodorant; she threw it under her bed so that she could follow him to wherever they were going the next day.

He came home around 7’o clock. She was in the kitchen making dinner making; making sure nothing was out of ordinary. She didn’t want to seem obvious. “How was your day, honey?” She asked. “Oh, it was same old same old, but I got another business that I have to leave for tomorrow” he replied. “Dang, really that’s like the 3rd one this month.” She said curiously. “Yeah, I guess” he said as he walked out of the kitchen to go and change. She thought to herself “Dang, it’s so hard to not rip off his head right now”

When he came back into the kitchen dinner was ready. They sat there and talked about the usual. When they finished she did the dishes and went to go shower and get ready for bed. By the time she was out of the shower she had her plan fully thought out. She couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The next morning he woke up around 6 in the morning, and started packing his bag. Danielle woke up from all the noise and just decided to start getting ready. When he left he kissed goodbye and said he’d see her in about 4 days. When his car was off the street, she ran to his safe and put in the passcode, and took out the gun; she was going to use this to kill him.

 She knew he would go to the office first to be able to take the next few days off. She caught up to him when she saw them meeting in the parking garage, they hugged and kissed each other. He helped her bags into the car and they got off and drove away. She slowly started to follow about 2 cars behind. They drove for a few hours before they finally stopped at a little run down motel on the side of the road. She watched as they rented a room and bought their bags inside. She needed a way to get in that room.

As she was thinking her glance caught on a door that read Maids Only, and a great idea popped into her head. She quickly got out the car and ran into the room to see a few uniforms hung inside a closet. She quickly changed into one of them, and garbed a cart and walked out of the room like she was part of the staff. She went back to the care to grab the gun and tucked it beneath a few towels.

She slowly made her way down the doors, till she got to his. She knocked loudly, and shouted MAID SERVICE! She heard him yell back “okay, im coming.”  When he opened the door he didn’t even recognize her, which she as grateful for. He said “great we need more towels anymore; you can just bring them in and set them on the sink.” She grabbed a bunch of the towels including the one with her gun tucked underneath it.

When she was fully inside the motel room, she closed the door behind her and said “Hello Brandon”. He turned around shocked and said “How did you know…. Danielle is that you?” “Yes it is me, and I know about your little affair, and I’ve come for you to pay for it” she said back smirking. He couldn’t make out one word before she pulled the gun out of the towels, and aimed it right at him. She asked him where Jessica was, and he said she went to go and get something to eat. “Good, now she won’t hear you get shot” she said laughing a little bit. She pulled the gun up to the temple of his head as she asked “any last words?”  And she pulled the trigger.

Brandon didn’t have any last words, but he did have some last thoughts. He thought about Jessica and how much he loved her, and that he was so sorry that she had to come back only to find him like this.



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Revenge to death

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