my one love who never told me the plans of his future, untill the day he went away

theres so many things i never knew

i never knew what to do

i never knew what to say

untill i heard you went away

now that life just falls apart

i know you never had a heart

i never knew you cared so much

never knew i'd miss that touch

maybe oneday when we meet again

i know that you will be my friend

so i guess this is goodbye

no more tears, no more cry

no more holding hands, hiding our love

now that the smoke screen is off

thanks for your letters telling me your missing

dont know why i mised your kissing

but my love, i miss you too

like you said, theres nothing i cant do

Submitted: September 05, 2007

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half chewed pen

Someone once compared Infinity to a butterfly trying to wear down/away a ball bearing with its wings
Have fun with Hollywood love !
But Real love does exist too.!

Wed, September 5th, 2007 7:58pm

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