Dear Uncle

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Lyrics written to my uncle that is currently in Rehab for being an alcaholic and getting into an accident that had a dreath involved

There comes a time where you have to be strong

But that's harder than it seems

You aren't only hurting yourself

But other's around you and the people you love

And that's what you knew all along


Then why did you get in that truck

You should have stayed with them

But you just had to leave

You are hurting me

Only because I can't see you



Dear uncle

Dear, dear uncle

I wish you were here

Dear uncle

Dear, dear uncle

Don't ever again drink beer


I miss you so much

More than I ever had

Oh dear uncle

It is very bad

I just wanted to say


I will never forget

The good times we had-

Dear uncle

Dear, dear uncle

I love you--


I know you didn't mean to

But it's worse than it seems

Some don't even have a clue

Of what you tried to do

Yes I know


I understand that it wasn't meant to happen

It's a lesson meant to be learned

Just because you're an adult now

Doesn't mean you are always free

You just need to do your time


Even if it brakes our heart

I wish you were still at a short reach

But now it's harder to see you

All this pain from missing you


Repeat chorus


Soon this will be all in the past

The lesson will take affect

Its one that we all will never forget

And remember that we all love you

And we are there for you

Submitted: December 18, 2008

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i like this but at the end the ver end u should repeat the chorus and the music in the back round slowly fades and you say and i mean talk when it says i love you say that and then say please dont, i miss you

Wed, December 31st, 2008 7:44am


That is a very good idea! thanks if i ever actually complete it with the music i will try it! :)

Tue, December 30th, 2008 11:52pm

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