Trust Issues Pt 1

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This story is amazing, jaw dropping and a life lesson. Its about a woman in her late 20s who experienced betrayal in her previous relationship. She is struggling to get over it. And because of it she has trust issues that are affecting her dating life.She meets a guy who also has trust issues and they both decide to be in a relationship together without healing their wounds. Follow this story of ????Jasmine & ????Jeffrey. Will they over come their trust issues. Or let it over come them?

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



Jasmine and Jeffrey have been dating since 2012. They both met when they were out at a local restaurant and bar called "Pynicals". Jasmine was there celebrating her 29th birthday with her sister Joy, and co worker Caroline. Jeffrey was there with his best friend Kris on a Friday night.

"Wow, this is nice, I like the atmosphere," said Jasmine.

"Girl, this place been here for almost 1 year now, and you are like the only damn one who has never been here," said Joy.

"Well I been busy",said Jasmine.

Caroline gives Joy a look across the table.

"Excuse me, what was that look about,"said Jasmine with a attitude.

"Can I keep it real,"asked Caroline?

"The floor is yours," said Jasmine.

"Girl, since you broke up with David 2 years ago, you been boring,you been locked up in the house on weekends and you have even gained some weight, and I feel like you lost yourself. Its like when he left, he took your soul with him".

Jasmine eyes start to get watery. Jasmine was in a relationship with David for 6 years, and they were engaged and expecting a child. One Saturday morning Jasmine was making up the bed while David was taking a shower. She heard his phone vibrating under his pillow, and picked it up only to see it was her best friend Alex calling him. Jasmine later saw a text followed after the call from Alex saying

"I called out of work today so I can spend the day with you, just text me when you are on your way, oh and my period is finally off ."

"Look Jasmins I'm not trying to be rude or a a bitch, but as a friend and Joy as your sister we love you and we are worried Jass,"said Caroline.

Jasmine gives Caroline a dirty look.

"I haven't been in the mood to date, or go out. I been needing time to myself. If you been through what the hell I been through you would understand. If your heart felt how mine felt, you would understand, but you haven't. So you don't know what the fuck I mean by needing time to myself,"screamed Jasmine.

She then got up and stormed away trying not to break out in tears. As she was running towards the bathroom. Jeffrey and Kris were on the way to their seat, when Jasmine bumped into Jeffrey and her purse fell including everything inside of it. Pt 2. Next Wednesday.

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