Trust Issues Pt 2

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This story is amazing, jaw dropping and a life lesson. Its about a woman in her late 20s who experienced betrayal in her previous relationship. She is struggling to get over it. And because of it she has trust issues that are affecting her dating life.She meets a guy who also has trust issues and they both decide to be in a relationship together without healing their wounds. Follow this story of Jasmine & Jeffrey. Will they over come their trust issues. Or let it over come them?

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



"Oh my god, I am sorry", cried Jasmine.

Jeffrey took a look at Jasmine, inside he thought she was so beautiful. Her mocha skin, and she had big brown curls past her shoulders.

"You good, let me help you with that," Jeffrey asked?

"Wow baby girl, you were in a rush", said Jeffrey's friend Kris.

Jasmine was so embarrassed, her cheeks turned pink. She stuffed almost everything in her purse as Jeffrey and Kris helped.

"Are you okay, you seem shook up",asked Jeffrey?

"I'm okay, I have to go," Jasmine yelled!

Everyone in the restaurant started staring. Jasmine stormed off.

" Damn what the hell is her problem," said Kris?

The host sits the guys at their table.

"Whatever so what are you going to get bro, I'm thinking about getting these nachos and a bud light. They worked the hell out of me today " said Kris.

Jeffrey was so mesmerized by Jasmine he didn't hear anything Kris said.

"Bru, you heard me, are you eating or do you want to head over to the bar,"asked Kris.

"Yo that girl, she was so gorgeous",said Jeffrey with a grin.

"Man that girl seem like she had issues, crying and running in this place,"said Kris then he laughed.

"Stop it, you don't know what the problem is with her, she may be sick. Or had a long day at work. You so quick to judge people,"said Jeffrey.

"Yea sick alright, sick in the head, anybody that unstable you should want to stay far away from. Especially after your 2 year encounter with Physhco Stephanie", said Kris in a jokely tone.

Jeffrey's been single for the last 8 months. He had the life, a upcoming model, a great career and everything got destroyed. See Jeffrey met his ex, Gia on Instagram 2 years ago. It took a year just for him to become her boyfriend. One day, Jeffrey was walking outside from his office. He noticed a black SUV parked behind his car. As he walked closely a tall built guy jumped out.

"Aye man, you Jeff,"the guy asked?

"Yea who wants to know,"said Jeffrey.

The guy pulled a gun out and pointed it in Jeffreys face. Co workers, and locals ran inside buildings.

"Who the hell are you, what do you want,"asked Jeffrey?

"Yea you don't know me, but you know Stephanie right, my wife,"shouted the guy.

"Wait, your wife, who the hell is your wife,"yelled Jeffrey?

The sound of sirens started to get louder. It was clear the police were coming. One of Jeffreys Supervisor called the police.

"This not over, next time you see me,you gone be on your last breath punkass," said the guy.

He jumps in his black SUV and speeds off.

See Stephanie and Gia were the same people. Stephanie told Jeffrey her name was Gia. She's actually Stephanie Gialado. And she's been married for 7 years. Jeffrey had no idea. He had never met her family or many of her friends. He only knew of her from what she told him, which wasn't much. He questioned her about it sometimes,but Gia always said her family lived in Cuba, and hated visiting the U.S. Jeffrey thought it was strange because she first told him she was born in the U.S.

"Yea I feel you, man can you believe she still reaches out to me every few months,"said Jeffrey.

"No way, what do she want, do you even respond", asked Kris?

"I always delete the emails before reading them, and ignore the calls. Its just crazy how that woman played me like that. I never been the type to wanna marry someone. But her, I was ready to do that with Gia, or Stephanie who ever she is," said Jeffrey in a hurt tone of voice.

The waitor shows up and asks the guys what they would like to order. Kris looks by the waitiors foot and sees a pen. "Excuse me miss, you dropped this pen,"said Kris.

The waitress said it wasn't hers. Kris looked at the pen and saw a company name . "Longhorn Real estate, Jasmine Longhorn, contact 555-819-1507."

"That girl must of dropped this when her purse feel." "Give it to me, let me see, I might give her a call" said Jeffrey.

"You really gone call a girl you met in a restaurant crying, and running? When she asks how you got her number what are you going to say? Hey I got your number off a pen, wanna be my girlfriend. You did always have a thing for black women,"laughed Kris.

Part 3 next week

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