You Found Me Poem

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For a friend

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



One moment I had everything
The next I lost it all
Once upon a time I was happy
Now I cry with my back against the wall
I’m lost and I can’t find my way
I don’t know what to do
Now it’s getting harder to breathe
I don’t know how to be strong or pursue
But you have made it easier
My angel in the dark
You saw me lying on the ground
You picked me up, won’t let me fall apart
Did it without hesitation
Heard all I had to say
I’m so grateful for everything
You brought happiness and purpose my way
I looked to the sky for answers
And I can feel the light
Now I can’t decide if these tears
Are made of sadness or filled with delight
Not only have you helped to mend
But you did something more
I think I finally found a friend
Something I have desperately been longing for
You’re someone I can relate to
Especially deep down
Don’t think I could ever thank you
Cause I finally don’t feel so alone
Thank you for being there for me
And showing me you cared
This would have been impossible
If I didn’t have you to say you’d be here
You have been truly amazing
I know that’s who you are
Let no one tell you differently
You have been the brightest among these stars
So don’t forget that I am here
For whatever you need
Whether it be a helping hand
Or simply just a listening ear
God knew to put you in my life
He knew this time would come
And I’m so happy that He did
It’s been so long since I had this much fun
While I could cry at all I lost
And dwell over this pain
I have you to look forward to
A friend and feeling I could never explain

© Copyright 2018 Kayla Holden. All rights reserved.

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