If hugs could cure cancer

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Yesterday, my friend got a call from her mother saying that her father was in the hospital. She started crying in fear that he would never come back home, because he has been to the hospital several times with cancer. Of course, everyone hugged her and she said something i will never forget
"If only hugs could cure cancer"

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012




If hugs could cure cancer,

Would the world be full of love?

Would people come out of their solitary shells and do what they could to help humanity?

Would all the children suffering be saved?

Or would the world continue on being oblivious

Constantly thinking that there is no point in finding a cure,

A cure to endless suffering by thousands and millions,

A cure to tear shed by thousands and millions of families,

A single hug could cure a single suicidal person’s horrible thoughts,

Or give a disabled child the strength to fight on,

But in those cases nothing is done,

Love isn’t shared,

If hugs could cure cancer,

Would you open your arms in a wide embrace,

Or would you shy away, thinking ‘glad its not me’,

If one motion could make a difference would you take part?

Even though you are oblivious to all the other chances to improve ones life with love?

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