Through the Cracks

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This is the first part to a book I'm writing called "Through the Cracks." It's about a girl named Lauren who meets a boy in a strange dream. Thinking it was only a dream, she brushed it off... until she meets the mysterious boy outside her dreams, in the same location that her dream took place in.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




Through  The





  Through all this mess, through all the pain, I still feared for him. It seemed reasonable, due to the fact that I was minutes or maybe seconds away from death, that I should be scared. And yet, my fear was directed towards my love. Even as he sat safe at home, without an inkling of what was going on, I was terrified that my captors would make good on their promise to kill him once I was out of the picture. He just had to live.

He had to.



Chapter one – Separating Reality


Through the trees, I could make out a light. I squinted my eyes against its blinding radiance. As I inched toward it, a smooth voice made me stop dead in my tracks.

“Lauren.” My name.

I couldn’t see a thing. The forest I was in was too thick with trees, and the fact that it was night didn’t help improve my vision. My head turned, and my eyes tried to make out any sort of human outline. I couldn’t.

“Okay,” I told myself. “You’re imagining it. It was the wind. Yeah, that sounds right. The wind does that.”

A new sound came to me through the ocean of trees: A bubbling, sort of trickling sound. A stream! If I could reach it, I could follow it and hopefully find civilization. Using my senses, I let my ears and feet do the leading. After a few minutes, I found it and peered down at the black water.

That’s when a head began to emerge from its depths. After followed a naked male torso, and then the lower half, which was covered by knee-length jean shorts. His feet were bare.

He was beautiful. He looked to be about 16, my age. Black hair and jade green eyes that sparkled even in the night. He looked at me with a hard expression, but under that was a grief and an urgency I couldn’t understand.

I could only stare, openmouthed.

This boy, however, seemed to be expecting me and spoke quickly.

“Hurry,” he said. “You have to come with me. You have to come help.” My eyes didn’t move from his, nor did my mouth move or vocal cords utter a sound. “Are you just going to stand there, or are you coming? At least say something. Don’t be ignorant!”

That sparked anger in me. Who was he to call me ignorant? He just came from an effing stream! My temper overrode my shock.

“Um, excuse me? I have no clue who you are, and you want me to go with you. You could be... I don’t know a murderer or whatever. You look pretty suspicious.” I finished my sentence with a wave of my hand at his bare chest.

He seemed amused at my reaction. How annoying. “Well, I’m Aaron. You’re Lauren. Better? Now let’s go.”

He grabbed my arm, and his touch sent an electric shock through my body. I pulled back quickly, and so did he, almost like he felt it too. I stared wide-eyed.

The boy named Aaron looked at me, confusion in his features. And then he dissolved into nothing when I suddenly woke up.




I lay in bed, sweating from the dream...Nightmare...Whatever. My eyes strayed over to the alarm clock on my nightstand. It was 5:30 a.m. The buzzer of my alarm had woken me up. Great. Time to get ready for my stupid summer trip with my stupid parents and stupid twin brother to the stupid lake. After my weird dream, I wasn’t all that excited to “be one with nature.”

The door opened, and my mom, Laura, peered in. She looked like me. Brown hair, blue eyes, same face features. I was her in miniature. I probably got my dad’s sarcastic attitude.

“Come on Lauren, don’t slack. We’re leaving in an hour and a half. Did you even pack? This won’t be a short trip, you know, so you better bring more clothes than you did on last year’s trip.”

Before I could utter a word, she left and shut the door behind her, looking harassed.

“Morning to you too, Mom,” I mumbled.

Within an hour and fifteen minutes, everyone was ready to go. My dad (Paul), brother (Alex), and I stood at the door, while my mom walked toward us with a proud look on her face. She probably thought our early timing was due to her excellent planning. No. We just all didn’t want to hear her bitching.

“Alright,” she said. “Let’s go.”

We hauled our luggage out to the car (a Honda Civic.) It all fit nicely, considering there was so much baggage.

After a couple hours or so on the road, we reached our destination: Lake Tahoe, California. It was beautiful, of course, with all the trees and the shimmering lake and rented cabins. We had a cabin of our own that we owned that was only about fifteen minutes away. I, personally, was very glad that the lake wasn’t crowded at all. It was pretty empty except for a few people. That struck me as odd since it was summer, but my parents had planned this so we chose a very remote part of the lake. Unfortunately, that meant the terrain was harder to walk across. We chose as smooth a piece of land we could to set up lunch and chairs on, and after eating, I took off my black tank top and shorts. My two piece was underneath. It wasn’t exactly showing much, but it caught a few eyes. I got into the water, and so did Alex after removing his clothes to reveal his swim trunks. My parents sat in the folding chairs they brought. They weren’t really swimmers. Or fun.

 After a while of swimming and snacking, it began to get dark, so we dried off and packed up and drove to our cabin. It was exactly as I remembered it: two rooms, wooden walls and floors, one bathroom, and a tight packed living room and kitchen. The décor tied everything together nicely. Everything was outdoors-y, but the colors were mostly plain, like white, black, or light pastel. Me and Alex went into our room to set our things down while Mom & Dad went to theirs. Our room was the same too. Two twin beds with white sheets and a heavy purple comforter for mine, blue for his. It has a nightstand by each bed and a desk against the wall, sitting next to a dresser. There was no closet.

I set my stuff on my bed and walked out.

Mom & Dad were already in the living room, standing by the door.

“Alright,” Dad said. “Who’s ready to chop some wood? They say it improves your lifespan by a lot if you breathe in a bunch of tree dust.”

The rest of us rolled our eyes but said nothing. Chopping wood was a tradition. Well, that’s what Mom & Dad said. But I knew they just needed the wood chopped, and that they wanted our help to make it quicker.

And so began the competition.

I’m not really sure how it happened, but eventually we were all at our own separate little stations, chopping wood as fast as we can and trying to sabotage each other by throwing rocks. It wasn’t really a safe thing to do, seeing as how we had heavy axes, but we were all very careful. Eventually, though, we ran out of wood, and surprisingly, my up-tight mother had the biggest stack by far. We piled all the wood in a very, very small shed towards the back of our cabin and put the lock on it, but not before each of us took as much wood as we could carry and brought it inside. My dad lit the fire (burning his finger, to all our amusement) and we all sat around it, getting warm and drinking hot chocolate like in those cheesy movies. When the clock said 10:49 p.m. my parents both went to bed. My brother and I stayed up and watched the T.V. that was above the fireplace for a while. Eventually he went to bed and I was alone. I didn’t feel tired, not in the slightest, so I grabbed a flashlight, changed into short blue jean shorts, a white tank top, and tennis shoes. After spraying myself with bug spray, I went out the door and walked to a trail that ran along the lake. Walking along its lengths was nice. Peaceful. I broke off from the trail and followed a stream of water that broke off from the lake. I wasn’t familiar with this area, but there were landmarks that I could use to lead myself back. I was feeling very tranquil and even a little sleepy until I noticed that the scene before me was something from my dreams.

And straight out of my nightmares.

It was the same picture from my dream, same exact setting. The blinding light was a lamp, one that seemed to grow brighter momentarily and then it burned out. Nice. I pointed my flashlight towards it, but it flickered a little, so I shook it and dropped it, where it shut off. After a few minutes of wasted time looking for it, my head was spinning. This is totally my luck. It’s worse than a horror movie where you know something is going to pop out and yell BOO! I stood there, facing the stream, the one that I’d never seen before except in my dream. Had Fate brought me here? Was there something I needed to see? I didn’t believe in that stuff, not in the slightest. At this moment, it didn’t matter the reason. Not really, not in my eyes. I was way too freaked out to care. Taking a deep breath and swallowing my fear, I inched towards the water’s edge. I peered in the water, looking for a sign…or the top of a head. The water’s surface began to ripple, though I saw nothing in its depths. Still, I backed away-

And backed right into someone.

I let out a soft yelp and spun around. In front of me stood a male figure, though I couldn’t see his face in the darkness. Not even the moonlight penetrated the trees to give me any hint as to who it was.

“Are you alright? You look lost. Want me to walk you back to the trail?”

I considered. I was freaked, and he could be someone dangerous… but sometimes people were genuinely nice. My want to go back to the cabin outweighed my fear. I found my voice.


He began to walk, and I followed close behind, finding it difficult to keep my eyes on him in the dark. A light shone through a gap, and I walked out of the forest.

And almost ran straight back in.

Without any trees blocking the moonlight, it was able to freely hit his face. I could see it clearly now. Black hair. Jade green eyes.

What the hell? What the hell? What the HELL?

I stood there, frozen, staring at him. He regarded me with a smirk.

“Are you okay, miss? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Close enough. I forced my mouth to move. Even though the I could barely hear the words, he heard me fine. “You… You were… you were there! In my dream.”

“I’m flattered,” he said. “I know I must be your dream guy, but we hardly know each other.” He smiled mischievously.

I shook my head. No, that’s not what I meant, and you damn well know it! is what I wanted to say, but I once again found myself speechless. This boy just stared at me, smiling friendly but knowingly, clearly waiting for me to say something. I opened my mouth several more times before finding the will to speak.

“Okay,” I began. “You were there. In my dream, the one I had this morning. You wanted me to come with you. Your name is… is Aaron, right?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

He said the words with a somewhat sarcastic tone and gave no more explanation. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“The ball’s in your court,” he said, raising his eyebrows.

I couldn’t think of what to say. Surely, this had to be another dream.

“Well,” I started slowly, “are you going to tell me what’s going on? I mean…you know. My dream.”

“No,” he said brightly, “I don’t think I’ll tell you just yet.”

And with that, he gave me a cheery smile and walked back into the forest.

My body wouldn’t move. My lungs wouldn’t work. I couldn’t do anything. Not even blink.

I stood like that for a few moments more until my body needed air. My sudden intake of breath brought my mind back to life, and I walked back to the cabin, and eventually feel asleep, where my dreams consisted of naked torsos and green eyes glowing from in the forest.


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