Inked and Dancing

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Part 2 of Swept Away Again-

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



"Are you almost ready?" Eric yelled at Amy while she was putting her heels on. "Yes, Im coming!" She yelled back at him walking out of the bedroom. "Bout time, you look beautiful," he took her hand and they walked across the wooded sidewalk up to the inn. The sun was just starting set across the lake and it was as always breathtaking. Erics mom and dad were coming over for dinner tonight, Eric was going to grill steaks for them. "You know my parents are crazy about you, don't you?" He pulled her hand up and kissed her knuckles as his parents black accord pulled up the driveway. "Well, they did a great job raising you, the feelings mutual," she smiled as the parked their car. Eric walked over to his moms' side and opened the door for her and she greeted him with a hug, "Hey mama," he kissed her cheek. "You look so handsome tonight," He was wearing black slacks and a black button up shirt with his sleeves half folded. "Amy!" His dad walked around and greeted her with a hug, "Hi, How are you?" She hugged him back. "Oh, we're great, ready for that boy of mine to fire up them steaks," "Dad," Eric hugged him next and and his dad handed him the bottle of wine he had been holding. The men walked up the back porch. "Amy, darling, you look beautiful as ever," His mother hugged her, "Oh thank you, you look beautiful as well." She smiled. "Now can I help you with anything?" "No ma'am, this was all Erics planning tonight, he even kicked me out other than the cake for dessert. You and I are going to sit back and let him serve us tonight," Amy grinned interlocking their arms and walking to the deck. "Ladies," his dad said pulling out our chairs. "thank you dear," his mother smiled as his dad kissed her on the cheek. "Amy?" and he then pulled her chair out for her, "thank you," she smiled. Eric brought out steaks and grilled vegetables. "I must say son, your food is quite impressive," his dad said chewing his steak, "well, Amys' taught me a thing or two about how to prepare food since being with her," He winked. "We love coming out here Amy, it is quite breathtaking out here in the country with all these trees, its so secluded its so nice out here, thank you for having us," his mother said. "Oh, Im so glad you could come, you don't need an invitation, please come anytime," "Um, mom, Can I talk to you a minute?" Eric asked scooting his chair back. "Excuse us," he took her by the arm and led her into the kitchen, leaving Amy and his father at the table on the deck. "So, Eric said he's thinking about buy half the studio?" "Yes sir, I think he will, Karen really wants him to be part owner with her and I can understand, its a lot to take on alone, so I see why she's hounding him about it." Amy said. "Well, he takes dancing seriously, so I know he'll get in there and get that place running like it should be,"...A few minutes had passed and Eric and his bother walked back out, his mother carrying a glass of wine, "dear, lets go for a walk," "yes," He held the screen door open for her and she walked down the stairs with him following. Eric sat beside Amy for a minute, "come with me," he lifted her hand and led her to the swing in front of the lake. They sat there swinging in each others arms for a few minutes while he twilred her bracelet around her wrist. "Are we being rude?" She asked wondering if they had sat out there too long. "No, mom and dad are having a blast out there on the dock," he pointed his head in that direction. "Do you remember that first night we sat here over a year ago? The next night after I hung your picture and we sat here just holding each other?" She nodded. "And you know how much I love you don't you?" "And I think I know how much you love me," he grinned. "You know I love you, I got a freagin tattoo!" She laughed. He stood up and pulled her up to him, he placed his hands on her bare shoulders where her spaghetti strap dress drapped. He lowered himself to one and knee and pulled out a single ring from his pants pocket and nervously held it between his thumb and finger showing it to her, she put her hand on her mouth with watery eyes. He smiled, "I know its not something we have discussed at all, and I know you didn't pick this out and it's old, very old,... it was my grandmothers," he said after a minute. She knew what this meant to him seeings that this was his grandmothers whose name he had tattooed on him. "Will you marry me?"

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