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This is based fully on my own beliefs. I attempted to write it so it could appeal to both spiritual, scientific, or both types of people. It is not a determination of a god, or no god. I wrote this hoping readers could understand that following the message I've written is important with, or without a "God".

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



Life; and death. Are both not ultimately the same thing? In both, we have no real choice. The miracle of life, and the process of death are both- to individuals alone inevitable at this time. We cannot force ourselves to cease to exist in the womb. Perhaps our mothers may cease our life, but we alone cannot do that. It is a process of which each human being, every living thing must go through. With that said, we must also acknowledge that we cannot die by will alone. We may kill our vessels, but we cannot kill our souls.

We are made of recyclable materials. What we are made of is a concoction that humans, (at this time; speaking scientifically, cannot effectively create). We are all part of a universe, force, system, etc... One that we can not control, nor will we be given the knowledge to understand. Complicated animals is what we are. I doubt we will be handed the guide to all reasoning. That being said we are quite an amazing group of oxygen, blood cells, and sugar. Skeletal structure, muscle, fat, proteins, glucose are all our personal ingredients for life. Put all in one vessel, measured just right, we being to exist. With all of that we then have a human being, correct?


We then have a vessel. We have a factory line of beings of all different sexual orientations, races, and of course the seperation of sexes. I'm sure that theoretically if "living" were that simple, life itself would become much easier; but it isn't. We are not a mindless recipe for just a vessel, we also contain a "soul". But, what is a soul? Imagination, creation, communication, memories, emotions, and desires. Our circulatory system does not create love or hate. Our respiratory system does not give us the need to express ourselves, create a culture. So where is our soul hiding? Physically, how can we identify the soul, so to speak; our brain. Our big power box which is able to control the rest of our vessel. The piece of us that has many tasks, and allows some room for more than basic survival needs; such as imagination. I believe what creates the allusion of the force which we refer to as a soul is the brain.

We are machines. Flesh made machines, and we live because that is what we were created to do. We exist, to exist. Ants to the universe, yes. Still, we hold a great part in being a piece of the system which our planet and all planets exist in. This dawns the human race in a less appreciated light, I understand. But perhaps, what we are is simple. Perhaps the question to why we exist is that simple. We are animals constructed of the chemical elements- and we may never know why. This idea is tough to accept. We must put ourselves in a position to see ourselves as a piece of the world, rather than its leader. Elephants do not know why they live. They simply do, day by day. They do what their brain tells them to, doing what it is they were constructed to do. The elephants, and other animals try to survive.

As I've said, I believe, it is our job to exist. We do not have the authority to know why that is. We are not special. Yet, we seem to believe we are. It sounds like quite the discouraging idea. Yes, we are intelligent to a certain degree. We are currently at the top of the food chain. But we are machines who should be doing our part, none the less.

Life is hard because at the end of the day most of the privileges we have, most of the life we live involve things that we were probably not meant to exist. We spend more time playing, than working towards a better system, unlike any other animals on this planet. We were, in my theory, constructed to eat, sleep, build, work, live as peacefully together as most animals can in the wild. Protecting our race, and raising our young to understand their role in this world as adults is our duty. We should be moving the "grand scheme" forward. And when our lifetime is over, and we die, we should have in most cases done all of the things listed above. We have tried to beat the system. We work less, care less, play more, and indulge in things; most being technical. We have strayed from our manuals. We have put desires, emotions, imagination, curiosity, and selfishness all in front of our duty to each other and to our world. We look down on the other animals whom still follow their soul made instructions for life, and system success. Our race is claiming that we survive and rule effectively because we are the most powerful, the most fit to rule when maybe, we just cheated.

Now, it is our responsibility. A self made motive which we do not always understand is responsibility. We exist to exist, and that is our responsibility. We created a life that appears to be extremely painful, or cruel by indulging in lust, play, and forgetting to follow our responsibilities. A world without responsibility is chaos. If we had never been people able to spend all day laughing, and laying down while we hang out and eat our sweets and candy we wouldn't know pain to the extent we do. We wouldn't be upset when our body ached for a long day of work, or when we had to go without surplus of food or luxury. We would suffer "happily" like all other species. We cannot run now as cowards. From going against our manuals, we were able to self create luxuries. Comfort, pleasure, "sex", fun, friends, long lives, technology are all things we are able to have. But this way of life comes at a price. Though we can enjoy the fruits of life- we have to deal with the idea that pain, and suffering, and hardship are all supposed to occur. There is no ultimate solution to things that are in the manual for the ultimate system. They exist for a reason, and it's a fact we were originally created to live with. That will always continue. Death is a pain for those left behind. Attachment is easy, and so detachment to people can be very hard. Our emotions can skyrocket with such freedoms. We now feel as if the universe owes us more. Tigers understand when another tiger dies. They mourn quickly, and move on with their system; as should we. If we had never explored beyond our manual, we would never have realized we had the ability to cheat the system like we have. With that cheat of life, we have glitches the natural system. Rather than work now, rest later we work little, and now deserve to a certain degree- to hurt more. Perhaps, looking at the big picture we could say we made a large mistake but it's too late to reverse.

This is the world we live in. I suppose in both instincts life is rough and than we die. But that is the way this world was made, and we have no authority to question it. We have the authority to follow our responsibilities to all our own kind- humans and other species alike; to survive. We made this world a harder place to live on by assuming we are untouchable, and all powerful (special) beings. A life of pain, hardship, and loss is a wasted life if we- the machines don't try our best to do what it was we were created for; living. Correctly living, and having a general care for all and surviving as a system rather than person to person. After all, a coffee maker that doesn't make coffee doesn't really deserve to continue does it? To live this life where we have given up on our own instructions, turning our back on each other and our responsibilities is chaos and results in destruction. To give up, is to throw away your reason for existing; ironic that we usually give up because we believe we have no reason to exist. Life is at our own fault, going to be painful. It is inevitable. As machines who have broken our manual instructions you might as well enjoy your existence while you can, and do your best to perform your job because death disease, discomfort, are all things we will never be ablw to avoid completely. Beauty we may embrace or destroy. Perhaps we do die either way, but personally I'd rather dance in the rain puddles, than cry because I'm it's raining.

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