Romeo and Junebug

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This is a story I wrote for school.
Junebug is a simple ladybug living the life of a basic maid until one day a swamp fairy makes her dreams come true!

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Part One

In all of the wheat meadow of Bugsdale, Junebug was the prettiest ladybug due to the reddish pink tone of her wings and the navy polka dots on her wings. Her buggy life was amazing except for the fact that she had been orphaned since she was three buggy years old. Junebug's Aunt Dillard took her in and treated Junebug as a slave rather than a niece. Aunt Dillard, being an ugly black widow spider with scraggly black hair, loved to give the poor ladybug chores. Chores such as to clean the entire log home they lived in and to give Aunt Dillard's fuzzy caterpillar a bath.

Junebug sat on her knees scrubbing the floor of the huge log home. Like everyday, Junebug sat on her buggy legs cleaning the scratchy brown floor with a yellow sponge. She often dreamed about escaping the clutches of her evil aunt, Aunt Dillard, by running away. Sadly, that would never happen. Junebug sat on the floor wishing she could attend the annual Bugball and dance with the dreamy beetle, Prince Romeo. Splash! Out of no where, George, Aunt Dillard's pet green and blue caterpillar, knocked the soapy water bucket on the ground. Junebug always extremely disliked the fuzzy devil. George would always bite Junebug when she gave the caterpillar a bath. Sighing, Junebug looked for a cloth to clean up the soapy water before Aunt Dillard got home. Aunt Dillard often went to the market to look for herself new jewelry she would never wear. Junebug looked through the cabinets and finally came across a floral rag. She walked into the long hallway she was in when the soapy water spilled before. As she was wiping up the puddle of water, the door slammed open and made the ladybug jumped. Aunt Dillard was home.

“I'm attending the Bugball tonight and I need the best dress I have. You know the green one I bought yesterday.” Aunt Dillard said in her crackly voice to Junebug.

“Yes, yes. Aunt Dillard,” Junebug questioned in her shy squeaky voice, “Might I be able to attend the ball tonight. Since, you know, everyone is invited?” Junebug was wriggling the rag hoping she would be able to go.

“Of course not. Why would anyone let you attend? Besides you have all of your chores you have to finish anyways.” Aunt Dillard said as she laughed or considered crackled off into her bedroom upstairs with George crawling behind her. Junebug stood alone in the gloomy light of the hallway weeping.

“It's just another party I guess,” thought Junebug as she knelt down and started to clean the floors again.

The day dragged on while Junebug washed and ironed the fluffy, lacy, green dress of Aunt Dillard's and Junebug even washed the fuzzy caterpillar without him biting her. The time came for Aunt Dillard to leave for the ball. The black carriage that would take Aunt Dillard to the ball arrived in front of the fallen tree home. The ladybug and Aunt Dillard strolled outside with the caterpillar behind.

The black widow climbed inside the creepy transportation almost needing a push to get in. The carriage took off in a slow trudge to the castle of Insectania.

Junebug stood in the rocky road staring to where the carriage strode off. Her eyes started to become watery with tears. Her buggy legs started to cramp so she sat on the nearest pebble. As Junebug was mourning in her insect hands, a bright spark lit up next to her. Lifting her hands from her face, Junebug saw a beautiful two-foot fairy with brown hair and gleaming brown eyes standing in the spot where the bright light had been.

The fairy smiled and said in a high pitch voice, “Hello! I am the swamp fairy, Giselle. Every time there is a pink ladybug in distress, I pop up to her and grant her one wish. What would your heart's desire be?”

Junebug knew what she wanted. “My deepest wish would to attend the annual Bugball at Insectania castle!” Junebug exclaimed with a huge smile and massive black eyes.

“Your wish is granted.” Giselle said as she waved her stick wand in a circle creating sparkles.

In the next second, Junebug was dressed for a ball instead of the old tan and brown she wore before. She now wore a silver sparkle gown, long white gloves, and sparkle heels. On her skinny arm she saw an odd purple spot that was not there before. It did not matter to her what it was because she was going to a ball. Little did Junebug know the spot is what kept her disguise from being a maid. Junebug climbed into her transportation which was a carrot with wheels. She hung her head out of the window to see the fairy was gone. Excited, Junebug sat straight up in the carriage's seat as the carrot started to move forward.

“This will be amazing,” thought Junebug.

Part Two

Junebug's carrot carriage pulled to the large granite castle. Junebug climbed out of the vegetable transportation and noticed what had been pulling it. The fuzzy caterpillar George had pulled it and he did not look to happy. Junebug chuckled and turned to her left. She saw the castle of Insectania had golden steps that led to the front entrance of the palace. The door was made of platinum with a tent of gold shimmering in the sunset. Junebug left the carrot and George as she walked up the golden steps to the castle.

As Junebug entered the castle, she automatically spotted Aunt Dillard in the darkest corner of the ballroom. Terrified, Junebug ran through the large crowd away from the spider. The castle's ballroom was golden with hints of pink sparkling in it. Where the thrones were placed a humongous fight of red velvet stairs laid. The stairs led to a balcony overlooking city. Junebug followed her gaze to the ceiling where a chandelier hung. The chandelier was absolutely gorgeous with crystals hanging from it. Junebug took her attention to the thrones only to spot the dashing prince, Prince Romeo. He was a muscular blue and black beetle with large eyes. He wore a crown on his head that was gold and had ruby jewels around the edge. He smiled politely at ever girl bug that walked passed. Junebug made her way slowly to him and bowed in a lovely manner.

“You have beautiful eyes,” said Romeo extending his hand, “May I have this dance?”

“You may.” Junebug said in a calm manner even though it seemed her heart was beating out of her chest.

They made their way to the center of the ballroom. All eyes were on them even Aunt Dillard's eyes. Aunt Dillard thought she had seen the ladybug dancing with the prince before but she gave up remembering.

Junebug and Prince Romeo danced for almost a whole hour. They did a sequence of spins and waltz steps. They did not care who was watching and they kept a smile on their faces the whole time they danced. Prince Romeo was a very sophisticated dancer and Junebug knew the basics of waltzing.

After an hour of dancing Romeo took Junebug by the hand and led her up the stairs to the balcony. The view was amazing. The whole meadow was in view including the forest line. Surprising, the smelt like salt. The wind might have carried the salt air from the beach to the meadow.

Romeo turned Junebug. “Tell me,” Romeo said in a soft voice, “What is you name?”

“It's..” Junebug started but she turned only to see Aunt Dillard climbing the stairs.

“Junebug!” Aunt Dillard exclaimed as she spotted the ladybug with the prince, “I thought I told you you couldn't attend the ball. And where did you get that dress? What is that on your arm?”

Junebug looked at the prince tears in her eyes as Aunt Dillard grabbed her arm and dragged her away. The Purple dot on her arm fell off as Aunt Dillard dragged Junebug out the front entrance. Junebug reached for the dot but could not come close to it to grab it. She saw Romeo running toward them. He was stopped as he spotted the polka dot on the ground. He froze in the doorway; he could not find Junebug.

Junebug's outfit had been changed back into the old rags she wore before. She had been shoved into the dark carriage under the grasp of Aunt Dillard. Tears filled her eyes as she was taken away from the castle, her dreams, and the love of her life.

Part 3

Almost a week had passed by after the ball. Aunt Dillard piled chore after chore for Junebug to do around the house. The little ladybug's hand aced from all the scrubbing all of the floors in the house. One day as Junebug was cleaning the floors, she heard a knock on the door. She walked over and opened it to find Prince Romeo.

“May I help you?” Junebug asked with a smile on her face.

“I'm allowing all of the young ladybugs of the kingdom to try on this dot to see if my true love hides beyond her natural self.” Romeo said.

“Let me try it on!” Aunt Dillard exclaimed running down the stairs of the log home.

“Your not a ladybug though,” Romeo told her. “Wait a minute. Your the spider that stole the love of my life away from me!”

“Yes, she is,” Junebug said no longer quiet and scared of Aunt Dillard, “Might I try on the dot?'

“You may,” said Romeo as he put the purple dot on the ladybug.

Junebug's outfit transformed into the lovely silver ball gown she wore before.

“I finally found you!” exclaimed Prince Romeo with a smile. “Will you marry me?”

“Why would I say no?” Junebug said.

Romeo and Junebug got married a week later on the golden steps of the castle. The whole kingdom cheered as Junebug and Romeo kissed. They ran into the carrot carriage that was pulled by George. Like every fairytale, they lived happily ever after as they rode off into the purple and pink sunset of Bugsdale.

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