My longest love

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This poem was about some one i was in love with for 5 years

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Unlike adele i will never find some one like you

our love was fate that much is true

for years we became close then drifted apart

but i don think you realise the damaged it caused to my heart

i love a fairy tale but my love this is real life

i will never be your princess or your wife

i put my life on hold for you for to long

everthing reminds me of you our friend,places i go, every love song

how much longer would i have to wait?

its like and feels like you still love me but i can only be your mate

you have her now im not a gladiator im not going to fight for survival

i never asked to fall in love it happend

just like the Titanic it was never intended

you cant keep taking our love on a test drive

unlike jack i havent droned with the ship im pretty much alive

i have feelings it about time i did whats best

let go and move on let fate do the rest

maybe ill love like this again someday

your just another chapter in my bible time to pray

dear lord thank you for my magical love

i pray to you upabove

to take care of him give him a life i couldnt

dont let him do things he shouldnt


time to stop playing with my barbie and ken

no matter how many lanugages i say i love you in

im never going to win

with love kayleigh hartshorne

p.s i will always love you no matter how much my hearts torn

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