my past is my life

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my life may not be perfect whos is?

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



goofy, slag, whore

things my mummy said i wore

she hated me and didnt want me

why couldnt any one see?

all the things she did to me

it wasnt normal i was just a kid

bruise, scratches, scars i didnt fall

my mummy did it all

people tell me i was so brave

at 7 i was cooking and cleaning i was a slave

raised my sister as my own

protected them from being hit or thrown

mummy nearly took my life away

she told us where better off dead any way

the kids would hide

hit, bang across my face thrown outside

i protected my sister from getting the same

i knew i had to take the pain

nothing to live for life was bad i have no mother i have no dad

we went into care away from everything

but now im left with nothing

i blame my self every day

girl that was never loved people say

pretend im okay but still in fright

cry my self to sleep every night

if i could have one wish it be

to have mum and da love me

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