Flash Floods

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A Death storey with a tradional starting xx

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Once upon a time there was an explorer named Lara she was brave; kind hearted and fearless! She had just come home from her last expedition in the Galapagos Islands trying to uncover the mystery of Zorath. She had just revised a leaflet from Carvendale Caving site, after just arriving back at home she packed for yet another amazing but dangerous Caving expedition. Lara had to beautiful children named Mia and Maria they were twins and were both eight years old they both loved their mother with all their heart. She kissed both Mia and Maria, and once again headed off on her awesome 200 mp motor bike, storming into the fog next to be seen in a gloomy cave. Chapter two: Arriving Armani cave is one of the most dangerous caves in the world, due to its fearer’s reputation for Flash Floods. But it still didn’t scare of Lara. The cave was dark like a night’s sky with long glass like stalactites hanging from the crumbling walls above. No one in the history of explorers had ever tried to expedition into the mouth of Armani cave. Even the famous traveller Hugo Vanquish could not face the cave himself he said and I quote “to dangerous! No one would ever go in there! My great great Grandfather died in that cave from a devastating flash flood” Even though Lara new all the dangerous like flash floods and the walls falling in on her she still wanted to go and not even thinking about her children and what or where they will stay while she’s gone or if she gets hurt. Chapter three: in the cave Lara with her backpack and water bottle stood in the mouth of Armani. She took one gulp of her water and walked fearlessly into the heart of the cave. Four hours into her trip and she had ten unread texts on her phone from Mia and Maria that she had been ignoring. As the pathways and floor got rougher and smaller she ended up crawling though an amazingly narrow hole. Hallucinating from dehydration Lara thought she saw daylight and carrying on going deeper and deeper into the narrow opening not knowing how dangerous it was and what could happen. Then out of nowhere comes a massive crumbling noise but still hallucinating she carried on without a care in the world, but then a trickling noise becomes the sound of constant flowing water and it was coming fast! She had only just realised what she had got herself into and finally realizing she had gone too far into the narrow hole she found herself wedged in between to gigantic rocks. She was stuck. Before it was too late she looked at her texts one from Mia saying “Mummy please come home I miss you I love you I don’t know what I’d do without you ? “ And another from Maria “Mum please not again I Love you“ Lara herd Gushing water and knew what was coming, so she tried to quickly text her girls before the water got her she only had time to type “Mia Maria I Love y” . . . Once Mia and Maria resided their texts they knew what had happened and Maria being 10 minutes older comforted her sister who was in tears over the tragedy. Back in Armani Lara’s phone and backpack floated back to safety but with no one to resave them. The Village people of Carvendale gathered round the opening of Armani to respect the explorer and her journeys, they all kneeled for a moment of silence and to think of her legacy. Lara had always told her kid’s that if anything happened at home or to her they must go to their Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Lara and her children lived in Croft mansion but now as Lara is no more Mia and Maria inherited the mansion and her mother’s fame and fortune. 20 years later It was mid-night and Mia who lives in the mansion (due to Maria now living in Mexico with her husband and Daughter Lara) herd a sudden bash as the front doors slammed open and a tiered looking person slung herself up the staircase. Mia huddled in a corner crying phoned Maria for help but before Maria could say anything the person ripped the phone out of her hands hurled her up to stand and hugged her until she went purple. Lara had found safety as she had a spare breathing suite in the backpack which she operated before it flooded. Mia was reunited with her 50 year old mother after 20 years. As soon as Lara got her storey straight with Mia she called Maria again and she was on the next plane to Australia and they were all reunited. Lara’s mother and farther lived next door to the mansion and came over to see what the entire racket was and then her mother broke down in tears on the floor so they took her into the library where it was peaceful. Lara was puzzled to see just her mother and asked for farther. But Ilene (her mother) showed Lara the picture of her farther at Christmas in the hospital and broke they news. So all night the Croft family sat in the library while Lara’s Children and Mother told her what she had missed out on and Maria let her hold her baby named Lara.

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