Why do they bully me..=[

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This might not sound much like a poem but i think its just pure me..x

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




They call me stupid,

They call me a midget,

They say I look like a boy,

They say I’m thick,

They say call me a thicko,

I’m not stupid,

They test me,

“What’s 5x9?”

I sit at my laptop sobbing,

That I’ll never be like others,

I tell them I don’t know,

I take a wild guess,

“Ermmm, 56?”


They mock me,

I’m so full of anger,

I could throw my laptop through a window!

“I’m not stupid!” I reply But he always has a comeback,

“Okay then what’s the square root of 36?”

I sit at my laptop once again sobbing,

How do I know what square root is?

I might be year 7 But…

Well let’s face it I’m so thick,

I don’t even know my 3 times table without counting!

I confess I don’t know,

They ask if I know what it is,

I sit there embarssed,

He says “u r stupid then” And sends me a link for Wikipedia square root,

And what it is,

I’m so thick I can’t even Well…

I won’t go into detail…

I don’t know yet but dyslexia in math,

I don’t want it on my list of falts


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