I'm Not Going To Say..

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When my boyfriend and I were together, and even though we had a tough break up, he taught me how to be strong afterwards and yea.. Aha(:

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012



I'm not going to say,
Our relationship was a misconception,
Cause it wasn't.
I do honestly believe,
Believe that at one point we really did love one another.
I'm not going to say,
I regret everything that has happened,
Cause I don't.
Heartbreak is a part of the human life.
It's how it makes us stronger and more immune.
I'm not going to say,
I have forgotten you,
Cause I havent.
Forgetting you would mean,
I don't care and I do.
Everything is meant for a reason.
We love.
We cry.
We break.
We forget.
All of that has happened between us,
But I will not cry
Cause I do still love you.
Everything that has happened to us,
Was meant to be.

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