Dog that means Love

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Alisha was very lonely recently after everything that has happened. She decides to go to her favorite place and meet her new favorite thing.
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Submitted: November 14, 2016

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Submitted: November 14, 2016






“Oh, I didn’t even realize it was there, I don’t remember even hitting my arm,” I said nonchalantly.

“Really Alisha, you didn’t notice or feel the huge bruise on your arm?” Aaron asked concerned for his best friend.

“Nope,” I said.

“You’re weird,” Aaron said shaking his head.

“Ha-ha I know,” I responded pulling down my sleeve to cover my bruise.

We were walking to school on an early fall morning. I have been living with my dad, it’s been lonely in the house since my mom had passed away two years back. Her death was caused by a car accident, a drunk driver collided into the driver’s side of the vehicle instantaneously killing her. Aaron and I have been best friends since first grade but it has felt like forever. We are both now seventeen and starting off our new year in tenth grade.

“Ready for our fifth week at school?” Aaron challenged.

“Yes, it’s more time away from home,” I answered.

“What’s wrong with home?” Aaron questioned.

“It’s so lonely and quiet without her,” I said looking down.

“Oh,” Aaron looked down as well, “sorry.”

“It’s ok,” I said reassuring Aaron.

“Ok, if you say so,” Aaron said looking up at the sky as red Robins flew over us, and the big white fluffy clouds above the Robins followed us to school.

I walked through the school doors with Aaron beside me, I looked beside me at the rows of light blue lockers lined against the wall and my eyes caught my own, I walked over to it and started to fiddle with the lock, with Aaron being right next to me doing the same to his locker. After we both got the items we needed from their locker we went our separate ways to the classes we needed to go.

The bell rang at 2:30 signaling the end of the day. I walked out of school and started to walk home, Aaron couldn’t walk with me today because he had football practice. Since I was alone I decided to go into the woods to my special place where I go to get away from everything. I walked to the small gap in the bushes as big as a vent that I found when I was little, and I started to crawl through it on my knees. After lots of crawling I stood up and brushed off my knees and hands, and found my secluded area. The area was small and surrounded by trees but I liked small spaces. In the middle was a Cherry Blossom tree that I loved to sit down and lean against. Under the tree was a square of concrete someone put in and two old benches were on it facing each other. I walked to the tree and sat under it like I always do and I picked up a Cheery Blossom petal of the ground and felt the smoothness of the petal under my fingers. I let it go and saw it blow away, I leaned back against the tree and put my hand on my bruise falling asleep in the warmth of the fall breeze.

I stirred in my sleep after feeling something nudge me, something cold and wet touching my bruise. Then suddenly the cold and wet turned to warm and wet. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a dog smelling then licking my bruise. The dog stopped and looked at me, we stared at each other for a while. The dog was close to me because me arms were crossed over me chest and the dog was licking me arm. Suddenly the dog licked me face.

“Eww!” I yelped, wiping my face with the back of my hand. “That’s gross don’t do that!”

The dog stared at me and started to nudge his nose in my now folded arms again. I took my one arm away from the dog and started to pet him. I examined the dog and felt his fur. His fur had a lot of burrs in it and he was pretty dirty looking in general. The dog was a brown and black German Shepherd and I noticed something quite different about him, he had one brown, and one blue eye.

“You’re really cute,” I said to the dog

The dog then spun around in a circle and barked.

“Are you lost boy?” I saw no collar.

The dog sat down in front of me and looked at me. I looked down at my cell phone.

“My dad won’t be home for another three hours,” I said biting my lip. “Come boy, we are going to get you cleaned up,” I said attempting to coax the dog to follow me. Without hesitation the dog started to follow and he followed me out of the woods and all the way home without a problem.

When arriving home I found some old dog shampoo and conditioner from when my family used to have Max. I went back outside and set down the bottles and stared pulling out the hose from the side of the house. The dog sat and watched me. When I called him he came right over. I started off with pulling or cutting out the burrs in his fur, when free of all the burrs I started to soak him in water and he seemed to enjoy it.

“Good boy,” I said.

Then I reached for the shampoo and squeezed some onto his back, then I started to rub it in. I checked his fur for fleas or ticks and found none so I continued washing him. I turned on the hose and began to wash out all the blue soap. After he was all clean I ran in to get a towel from inside. When I came back out he hadn’t moved from his spot, so I walked over to him and draped the yellow towel over his back. I started to rub him dry. When I thought he was good enough to air dry the rest of the way I took the towel off and laid it across my lap. He then got up, walked a few steps, then shook spraying little beads of water everywhere.

“Aww man!” I said standing up, “I didn’t intend on getting wet jerk.”

The dog sat down and stared at me with his tongue hanging out.

“Ugh whatever, so I guess I have to call you something…. hmm I like Aziz”

The dog barked and rolled on his back and laid there on his back with his paws and feet stretched out.

“Hey you’re going to get yourself dirty again!” He immediately rolled back onto his feet and sat down to stare at me some more. This dog seems very erudite unlike other dogs, he understands everything I say.

“I wish I could keep you,” I said, “but there is the impediment of my father, he wouldn’t allow you in the house.”

The dog suddenly whimpered. I looked at my phone.

“We have an hour left,” I said, “I have an idea! Come on Aziz!” I started to run and Aziz barked joyfully and started to run after me. I dashed to the shed in the back of the house and I went inside, I grabbed a hammer and a bucket of nails and all the wood I could fit into my hands. I then threw all the items into my old wagon and started to run into the woods down a path I used to go down when I was little. I have always loved the woods and the creatures inside of it. Aaron and I used to play hide and seek in the woods all the time, and we would make a circle in the woods with pink spray paint that we couldn’t go outside of, so we had a fighting chance to find each other. Mom and I would always go berry picking in the spring and she would always make blueberry pies out of the wild ones we found. While running we passed the old dead bushes that we went to. Then I saw a tree that had a faint color of pink on it from so many years ago. I ran past all of my unforgotten memories and found my destination. I stopped running and started panting while my lungs were burning. After finally catching my breath, I look up. I see my old tree house that my dad build for Aaron and me long ago that hasn’t been touched for years.

“Ok Aziz let’s get to work and quick!”

I climbed up the side of the tree where the plants were attached. I go in the small door to find lots of animal scurrying all over the floor. I immediately fought with them trying to kick them out. After I managed to get out all the critters I climbed back down to find Aziz sitting at the trunk with his tongue out. I then leaned down and picked him up and I carried him with his butt on my arm and his paws around my neck. I hauled him up the tree and I placed him inside the house.

“Ok boy this is where you will stay for now, tomorrow after school ill work on building something for you so you can get up and down on your own, I have 15 minutes before my dad gets home, I’m going to run back to the house and get your some things ok?” I said. He then barked and I knew he understood. So I went back down the tree and I put the wagon with the nails and wood by the tree trunk.

When I got to my house I grabbed some bowls and filled one with water, then I went downstairs to the dog food we still had, and I filled the second bowl with the dog food. Then I went upstairs to the hallway closet and took out an old blanket. Then I started walking back to the tree house. When I got there I started to climb up and I ducked inside, Aziz was in the same place where I left him.

“Here you go boy,” I said putting down the supplies. I then went to the other side of the room and put the blanket down.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” I said to him. He made a whimper and put his ears down.

“Awe its ok Aziz, but I got to go,” I explained. He licked my face as an ok and I crouched out the door, and down the tree, then I started running. I got to the driveway and my face turned pale.

“He beat me home,” I said with a quivery voice. I slowly walked inside to find dad standing at the counter downing a bottle of Whiskey. He suddenly slammed the bottle down on the counter and I jumped, luckily it stayed in one piece.

“Where have youuuu been?” He questioned while slurring his words.

“I was outside in the swings,” I lied.

“Nooo you weren’t, I can see it in yourrr face your liennn,” he said.

“I’m going upstairs,” I said. I started to walk past him into the living room to go up the stairs and he threw the bottle at the wall in front of me, glass shattered everywhere and I jumped back and screamed.


‘SHE LEFT BECAUSE YOU’RE A DRUNK!” he then walked over to me and I tried to run away. He grabbed my hair and yanked back making me fall onto the floor hitting my head on the wall on the way down.

“Daddy, are you ok?” He removed his hands from his face and picked the little girl up and setting her on his lap.

“I’m ok” he replied wiping the tears from his eyes. The little girl then hugged him. Natalie then walked in the room and continued to walk over to the two. She hugged the two and said, “Dinner is ready Alisha, come eat and let daddy relax ok?”

“Yes mommy,” Alisha replied walking into the kitchen. Natalie was still in the living room with his husband.

“I’m sorry Andrew, it’s not your fault, she’s in a better place,” Natalie said hugging and trying to comfort her husband.

“I know she was my ex but I was still once in love with her,” he said hugging her back.

“I know,” Natalie said, “I know.”

The little girl standing in the doorway watching, turned and walked to the kitchen to enjoy her last meal from her mother.

I woke up on the floor with a huge lump on my head.

“Owww,” I complained rubbing the lump. I looked over to the clock to check the time and it was five o’clock. I tried to think how long I’ve been asleep but I couldn’t think, so I just got up and went to my room upstairs. I slowly changed into my pajamas and plopped on the bed. I set my alarm for six and fell asleep.

Beep beep beep beep BANG!

I slammed my hand on my alarm clock silencing the annoying sounds emitting from it. I leaned up and my head started pounding.

“Awe man,” I said holding the side of my head. I got up and walked to my bathroom and took some Tylenol. I got dressed for school and grabbed by backpack. I went downstairs and saw dad asleep on the couch. I slowly walked past him and grabbed a bagel of the counter. Then I quickly ran out of the house not risking waking up dad. I walked to the tree with some more dog food and I climbed up the trunk. I opened the door to the tree house and Aziz was on his blanket.

“Hi Aziz!” I said to him. Aziz jumped up off the blanket and wan towards me. He jumped up on me and licked my face.

“Awe boy, you’re so cute!” He jumped off of me and spun around then plopped down on his butt. I walked over to the bowls and dumped in the dog food. I noticed the water was low too so I dumped in my water bottle and went on my way to school. I met Aaron outside at the picnic table we have lunch at.

“Hey,” he said.

“What’s up?” I replied.

“Nothing much” he said bluntly.

“Sounds fun,” I said jokingly. He laughed and we went to school.

After school I told Aaron I wanted him to come see something, and I led him to the old tree house.

When we got there he looked up and said, “I remember this, ha-ha,” I smiled at him and


I climbed up, I then motioned him to follow and he climbed up after me. I went in and called Aziz over. Aaron came through the door and he stared in shock. Aziz jumped up and he ran over to greet Aaron. Aaron laughed and started to pet Aziz.

“How do you have a dog here!?” He said giving more attention to Aziz

“I found him in the woods and took him here, he had no home,” I replied and he nodded.

“Now I need your help,” he looked up from Aziz at me with a questioning look.

 I picked Aziz up and I climbed down the tree. I set him down and I started to get out the wood and nails from the wagon. Aaron was now on the ground with me.

“We are building stairs,” I said

“Sweet,” he replied

 Then we started to build stairs leading up to the tree house. When we finally finished I thought the stairs looked great. Aaron and I both took Tec Ed in school and we learned to build, Can you believe that it actually came in handy? Aziz was so happy he started running up and down the stairs. I went up the stairs myself and walked to the door. I got out the saw I brought and started to cut a hole in the door as a doggy door. Then I attached a piece of plastic over it to keep out the cold. Aziz was so happy he ran up the stairs into the doggy door, then out the doggy door and back down the stairs. I laughed and looked at the time.

“Crap!” I yelled “He will be home in a couple of minutes!” I said goodbye to Aziz and Aaron and quickly ran home. I made it just in time. I plopped on the couch right as dad walked in the door.

“How was work” I asked.

“What do you care?” he replied coldly.

“Sorry,” I said

“You should be sorry, after all that you did,” he spit and I just looked down.

 “Are you proud about what you did? Are you happy she is gone? Are you happy its your fault?” he pushed.

“IT’S NOT MY FAULT!” I yelled at him.


“NO!” I yelled starting to sob.



He walked over to me and I stood my ground. He then slapped my across my face and I fell. He started kicking me on the ground and I was covering my face.

“I’ll be back for you when I find a place we can stay, ok Alisha?” Natalie said

“Ok mommy” Alisha replied.

“I love you” Natalie said

“I love you too” she said back.

Then Natalie walked out the door leaving Alisha behind.

‘Please stop!” I yelled at him. He then got down on his knees on top of me then he put his hands on my neck.

“I’TS ALL YOUR FAULT NOT MINE,” He screamed in my face. My face started turning blue as I was losing air. Suddenly something big and brown jumped on my dad and pushed him over.

“AZIZ!” Aziz bit his arm and he screamed.

“GET OFF ME MUTT!” He then threw Aziz across the room.

“NO!” I started to cry harder. I tried to drag myself over to Aziz. My body hurt so bad, my head throbbing from the lack of oxygen and the rest hurting from bruises and probably some broken bones. Aziz has been there for me he loves me and I love him, he is the only one that has loved me since my mom died.

“AZIZ” I scream barely getting it out. I cough up some blood. My dad is still in the living room trying to stop the bleeding from Aziz biting him. I finally reach him and I put my hand in his fur, I see him open his eyes and he looks and me and whimpers. His one blue and one brown eyes staring at me. I hug him but gently not wanting to hurt him anymore. He started to lick my bleeding arm.

Suddenly the door burst open and about a dozen police men came bounding through the door. Half ran over to my father to arrest him and half ran to me. I saw my dad fight the police men and they finally handcuffed him. The paramedics were now in the house too and they were examining me. Still holding onto Aziz I realize something. He wasn’t breathing.

“AZIZ!” I screamed looking at his face. “NO NO NO!” I chanted holding onto Aziz. The paramedics lifted me up and put me on the gurney. I tried to fight them but my body hurt to much. Still crying I heard someone scream my name.


I looked to my side and saw Aaron. I reached out to him but they lifted me up to the ambulance, and shut the doors.

Aziz… I’m sorry.




I hear… sirens… people talking…no…their yelling. It’s so loud. I wish they would be quiet. It hurts… all the pain shooting up my body. I want to yell in pain but no sound will not come out.

I slowly crack my eyes open but immediately regret it.

It’s so bright, but now it’s quiet, until the silence is suddenly broken.


I slowly look over to see Aaron staring at me with worry in his eyes, I take in my surroundings and I notice I’m in a hospital bed.  I them look over to Aaron, and I remember something.

“A-Aziz,” I manage to choke out.

Aaron puts his hand down and grabs my hand, “I’m sorry Alisha.”

Then I broke out into tears once more.


“Your father is in jail and will probably never be free to see the light again,” the lady said

I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms looking down while she was talking and every once in a while I would nod my head.

“I’m really sorry about your dog,” she said.

I tensed.

“You know that dog saved your life?”

I slowly look up at her. She has a small smile on her face.

“I see,” she said, “You don’t know.”



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