She's Fed Up

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This poem is about a woman who was in a abusive relationship and is tired of it and wants to get out.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



The love that she has

Has been broken like glass


The man that mattered

Left her bruised and battered

He hit her more than once

It wasn’t just a punch

There was more to what he did

He almost broke her ribs

She cried and cried

And when people asked her what’s wrong she lied

She was too afraid

She was afraid of what they might say

Because he was highly respected

She thought if she told her problems would be major

Because her man was the town’s mayor

She kept the abuse to herself

Because she was told she couldn’t make it without him or his wealth

After almost dying

She got tired of crying

She was tired of lying

She was tired of being afraid

Her mind was made

Up the stairs she ran

She put the gun in her hand

She looked at the bed

Lying there was her sleeping man

She thought about ever hit, every bruise, and every scar

Her mind started racing

She started pacing

Then she just stopped

She closed her eyes and just shot…

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