The Orchestra Of Love

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The reason why I went with "The Orchestra of Love" when it talks of sorrow and fear is because Love can be interpreted in many ways. The kind of love I interpreted in this was the terror of it. The way you're scared to love or upset because of a broken heart.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



The Maestro begins
Tapping his foot for attention
Raising his baton to begin
The orchestra of love

The blood drips
Matching the rhythm of my beating heart
The sound of the drum that starts the symphony
And the orchestra of love

Teeth begin to chatter
Matching up with the castanets
Both clicking in shivering terror
Along with the orchestra of love

Rip the instrument from my chest
And play a melody on my heartstrings
The song of sorrow, the song of pain
In the orchestra of love

Screams in the night
Harmonizing a duet with the trumpets
Both shouting to the skies
A requiem for the orchestra of love

The vocals fade,
Instruments drone out
The maestro bows to signal,
The curtain call of the orchestra of love

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