Refuge and Peace

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I was IM'ing and friend about this boy she had been liking for quite some time and how she just wants to forget about him and move on. After I talked her through it I came up with this short piece. It isn't that well written but I'm sure I can relate to some people out there. A short background of the piece seems to make it more realistic and easier to connect with.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Think of it as yourself in a pool.

Where the water keeps filling up.


You're at the surface for quite some time enjoying the calamity and the air you breathe.

But then it begins to overflow, not suddenly, but gradually.

You saw it coming but you just couldn't leave its serenity.

And now you find yourself drowning in what used to be your refuge and peace.

Hoping one day that it may be what you sought it out to be.

You see an opportunity to leave but fear you may leave behind a chance that comes once in an eternity.

A chance to be in what once was your refuge and place of peace. So you stay there in that pool that has now become a sea.

Looking for what may seem like a small hint of serenity.

That day may never come, so why stay at sea?

For this love you have brings you something, a state of mind that cannot be beat.

Your own refuge and peace, a hope that this sea will once again be, your refuge, and peace.

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