Not Just Another Woman

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This is about a girl who is different from anyone i have ever met. She is beautiful but there is something which sets her apart from the rest.

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



She is as beautiful as any beautiful woman.
When she walked she brought down the Heaven.
But She is not your regular "Just Another Woman"

When other girls went shopping and night out
with their girlfriends for fun,
She preferred to kill annoying people
with a machine gun.
They longed for beauty
She played Call Of Duty.

They believed in love at first sight
She laughed when they spoke about their Mr right.
They talked about how their guy was their world.
She would rather talk about Ironman
and Lost World.

They cried listening to Taylor Swift's "Love story"
and Nelly's "Just a dream"
She Preferred to rock to Metallica,
Iron Maiden, Audioslave and scream.

On the outside she is the
prettist woman you will find.
On the inside she is one of a kind

Now that you know about this woman,
If given a choice who would you pick?
Another regular woman? or
This bubbly girl who is
"Not Just Another Woman"

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