Grimoire Red: "Rigorous Weekend"

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Kureno Sakamoto is a 16 year old student who returns home from a year abroad to his hometown Omigadashi to find that things have certainly changed.

New faces, old memories, and a smorgasbord of forthcoming events find themselves into Kureno's life, attempting to change the way he lives it.

He will try his best to live with these sudden changes, but it will take him to extreme heights once he discovers his lineage, and experience changes within himself along the way.

A light novel in the vein of Nagaru Tanigawa's "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu" and Ryohgo Narita's "Durarara!!" series of light novels,

In the world of Grimoire Red, our first story begins with Kureno's Journey.

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Kureno Sakamoto; a brash, somewhat cynical 16 year old in high-school lives a very ordinary yet eventful life in the breezy seaside Japanese city of Ikabana.

Living alone in a spacious apartment given to him by his rich but jovial fellow of an uncle and growing up an orphan because of his family's broken past – to which his uncle has no apparent clue about – Kureno has learned to tend to himself without the aid of anyone else, with the exception of his uncle Kaien, who regularly grants him his undying (albeit forced) financial support.

Almost never thinking of the past or looking back at it as he has taught himself, Kureno always thought things would go smoothly as long as he went by the rules he laid out for himself. But as fate has it, an enigmatic group of individuals enter his life with the underlying intention of revealing his muddled past, for reasons yet unknown to him.

As he goes deeper into the vast history of his bloodline, he discovers and unlocks his inherent abilities that laid dormant within... as well as bloodied secrets of the past that he was never meant to know about.

In the world of Grimoire Red, our first story begins with Kureno's Journey. Read Chapter

A Lesson In Love And Life

"What is it I spy under that jacket of yours... Kureno?" says Uncle Kaien. He looks at the little blue box hanging from out of my pocket ... Read Chapter


I go through the same corridors and hallways that take me to my classroom, including a few flights of stairs since my room is at the thir... Read Chapter

Past's Recollection, Drink To Celebrate

"So, how was it over there?" she asks me. I offer her some table napkins from the counter but she kindly turns them down. We've a... Read Chapter

Chance Meeting of the Fated

"Hey, Rin... Wake up, it's getting dark." he says with a nudge of the shoulder. She stirs, but her eyes remain closed; Rin isn't rea... Read Chapter

Missing Pieces On A One-Tile Mosaic

"[Do you have any idea what you've just done?!]" yelled a furious Hirano, breaking through the phone's ear piece and Dojima's peace of ... Read Chapter

These Memories Are Not My Own

A face...? Someone else's, but who's? I don't recall meeting anyone who looks like that, let alone know him, but it's oddly familiar.... Read Chapter

Alternative Morning Sickness

I awoke to the sound of commotion in the room. My eyes slowly blink in the thick rays of sunlight coming through the windows that had the... Read Chapter

Today, I'm Feeling....

"Disconnected." I say to myself. It's nothing, an impulse sent by my brain forcing me to voice out my emotions, is all. It's a habit I ca... Read Chapter

Mischievous Interlude

"They're here already? Well, that was quick..." I said to myself. It was a little around 9pm, and I was just getting up from some much-ne... Read Chapter

Nostalgia, Reminiscence, and Carpet Floors

"Well, welcome back home, Kureno! And welcome to my house, Rin-chan! This... is Sakamoto Manor!" Uncle Kaien races for the main door,... Read Chapter

Warmth of Affection, Trace of Affliction

The infirmary is just around this corner, I'm sure of it. Going from one end of this huge house to the other is a pain in the ass; it mak... Read Chapter

Side A is Out Of Style and Side B is Too Depressing

I'm stuck in place and can't move a single muscle; they're too tense, and my mind is still caught up in the moment to even think of anyth... Read Chapter

His Uncle’s Protective Whims

I don’t know why I’m doing this. “Lift your arm up. Come on, now... at shoulder-level. Good!” For some reason, I keep f... Read Chapter

Noon Time Melancholy

"That Idiot. So what if he's the principal?" I say as I shake my head in disbelief. They say it's an honor to know that you're a clos... Read Chapter

Cold and Calculating

"Oh, I'll just have today's special, thank you." says a delighted Jon. "One daily special... And what would your friend over here lik... Read Chapter

Last Minute Salvation

"Tell me, Kureno... What does a smile hide, and what does a scowl show?" Most people in this situation would either be confused or in... Read Chapter

Uncle's Lament, Assailant's Offer

"Wake up, Kureno." says someone I can't see. The entirety of my view is dark and the only presence I feel is that of a disembodied voice.... Read Chapter

Faustian Ordeal of The Upperclassman

"I came to offer you a chance, Kureno..." the words that slip from his mouth have no hint of hostility, but rather... an aura of pity. ... Read Chapter

Lost In The Upbeat Moment

[You Have... One... New Message] says the muffled electronic voice of a concealed cellphone, as it rang in his pocket. "Oh...? I've g... Read Chapter

The Return Of What Once Was...

Kureno stares intently at the keepsake weapon his father left for him, scoping it from top to bottom, admiring the elaborate handguard fi... Read Chapter

A Simple Reunion

The room was silent and life seemed to come to a standstill. The four guests to the Sakamoto household held their breaths in shock and su... Read Chapter

Startling New Revelations

"Something was off from the beginning... and I knew it." Michael defiantly spoke, the black wispy blade hovering perfectly still around h... Read Chapter

48 Hours Later

So here I am, I think to myself. I'm back in the saddle and ready to kick more delinquent ass at school. It's been a short weekend, b... Read Chapter

The Distance Between...

The clouds above were floating slowly towards the sun, bringing the wind with it... Though it worked better the other way around, that wa... Read Chapter

Noon Time Melancholy II

I saw debris all around me. it was blurry, but all that I could see was shattered glass, broken concrete, and a fallen chandelier. I ... Read Chapter

Peculiar Newcomer, The Renewed Camaraderie

He made his way down the corridor, sick with worry over the conflict that boiled within his core; he was at top form that day, maybe only... Read Chapter

The Storm Behind The Calm, Prelude To The Blackened Chaos

The room's wall clock had ticked away into oblivion, as the new homeroom teacher scoped the entire class from left to right with gentle b... Read Chapter

A Problematic Turn Of Events

"... it's good to have you back, Kureno." Mitsuhiro said as he obliged Kureno's rather forced-upon offer for a handshake. What could he d... Read Chapter

Pre-Fight Formalities

"Dammit! I... can't... get him off me!" Sammael roared, the rotten appendage scraping away at his uniform. He fastened himself tight onto... Read Chapter

A Moment Of Allure In A Dire Situation

I'm running down the stairs at breakneck speed, trying to reach the bottom which is nowhere near close. I must have been on this staircas... Read Chapter