The Old Basement

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
It was meant to be a fresh start after the recent tragedy.
Not knowing what was about to face them.

A Spine Chilling horror short story.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



The Old Basement.

Richard and his girlfriend Emma were helping Roger (Richard’s Father) clear the basement of the new house which was an old place and it looked as if time had stood still.

Richard pulled down an old curtain only to find another old rusty door which had 3 padlocks. It looked as if the padlocks or the door had not been opened for many years.

Richard called over his father and Emma, to show them what he had just found. “Where’s the key to this lock” Richard asked his father, “I don’t know” replied Roger, “it must be over here, somewhere”

After searching for several hours the key was found by chance in the old flower pot under the table in the far dark corner. “I have a bad feeling about this” Emma stated in an apprehensive voice.

Roger opened the locks and unbolted the door, Roger pulled the door open only for a gush of wind to blow through the basement. “Pass me the torch” asked Roger.

Roger and Richard carefully entered the basement, to locate some sort of light switch; Richard somehow came across a switch and flicked it on only for very dim lights to come on several feet apart. “Something better then nothing” stressed Roger.

Further they went into this basement they found several rooms and the odour which smelt like rotting meat got stronger.

Both father and son entered into an area which had very little or no lighting, only for Roger to trip over something and his hands land in what seemed very squeamish, “flash the torch over here” requested Roger to Richard.

On flashing the torch over the obstruction they found the obstruction to be a rotting and discomposing body, with the shock Richard moved backward only to find something fall on him, Richard quickly turned around to find another decomposing and decapitated body, both father and son ran as fast as they could, through the corridors, back to the door of the old basement and while closing the door it looked as if something or someone was following them. Without any hazard they slammed the door shut, bolted the door and replaced the locks.

“We need to get the Sheriff to have a look at what we found” said Roger in a worried tone.

“What’s the matter” asked Emma, who saw the worried look on both father and son’s face.

“I’ll tell you on the way to the sheriff’s office” replied Richard.

Richard explained to Emma as to what he and his father had come across; Emma was very shocked to hear what is was told.

Richard and Roger told the whole story to the Sheriff, who came to the house with a couple of deputies to check out the bodies found by Roger and his son.

They re-entered the basement and took the sheriff and both deputies to the site of these bodies.

On seeing these bodies, the sheriff told Roger that they will have to come back with forensic to examine the bodies as to determine who these bodies are and how long they have been dead.

The sheriff came out first of the basement followed by Richard, then the two deputies and behind them Roger.

As Roger was exiting the old basement door, talking to the sheriff, something or someone grabbed Roger and pulled him back into the basement and started to drag Roger, the Sheriff tried to pull Roger out only to lose grip, the sheriff shouted to fire, but to no avail, Richard called out to his father and was about to re-enter the old basement door, only for the sheriff to hold him back and stated to Richard we will get your father back, and asked the deputies to call for back up, within a few minutes other officers arrived to help search for Richard’s father and find whatever it is that took Richard’s father.

Richard at this time was very distraught as he already lost his mother only a few months ago, as for the reason for Richard and his father moving for a fresh start.

The Sheriff asked Richard to remain behind and the sheriff with a few of his officers entered the old basement door to find this thing and Roger.

Richard stood by the open door of the old basement, looking on in anticipation, only to hear few shots being fired and screams, Richard was getting very worried and Emma was squeezing Richard’s arm tighter and closing her eyes in fright.

Among the smoke and the shadows Richard saw someone or something come running towards the door, Richard was in double mind, does he close the door or does he take the chance to see who is coming towards him.

Richard asked Emma to stand behind the door and close it on his say so. This person or thing was getting nearer and nearer, Richard’ heart was now pounding and Richard was tensing up, what does he do? Next minuet Richards went for this thing full speed and tackled this thing to the ground, Next thing Richard hears is “it’s me, it’s me your father” Richard opens his eyes to see his father, yet the hands are cold and feel very rough, Richard then gets up and hugs his father in the doorway of the old basement, these hands start to become rougher and it sharp nails start to dig into his back, Richard looks up only to see this face change from his father’s to a disfigured  face, Richard tries to push this person away and feels the grip getting tighter, he shouts for help from Emma who with a little courage hits this person on the back to loosen the grip to allow Richards to push the person back into the old basement and giving him time to slam the door shut, the other person or thing starts to push the door, Emma helps Richard to close the door.

Richard and Emma get the door shut, only to hear banging and screaming. After a short while the banging and screams stop.

Richard then notices a window at the top of the door, He bravely makes his way to the window to clean the window and look inside.

All of a sudden a face appears at the window of a police officer asking Richard to open the door, Richard is reluctant to open the door only to then see the police officers head ripped from his body and the disfigured face appear on the other side smiling.

The disfigured thing then runs back into the darkness, by this time Richard is in a state, Emma come over to Richard to comfort him. A little while later the Sheriff and a couple of deputies arrive back by the door and ask for the door to be opened, Richard is still in a state of shock, so Emma opens the door and lets the officers out, only to see this disfigured thing come running behind them.

The sheriff and the two deputies slam the door shut and tell Richard not to open the door again until they can get more officers to help them.

Richard shouts at the sheriff “where is my father”. “We’re still looking” replied the sheriff. “That’s not good enough” screamed Richard.

The sheriff then leave to get re-enforcement, after gaining his senses Richard grabs the gun and a few flairs left by the police and tells Emma he is going in there, to get his father back. Emma tries her uttermost to stop Richard, who does not listen and Richard enters the old basement and asks Emma to close the door behind him.

Richard makes his way further within the old basement and starts to find less and less lighting, next the disfigured thing comes right up behind Richard, only for Richard to flash the torch in the face of this thing, which lets out a scream and runs away, Richard chases it down the dark corridors, all the time looking for his father and hoping he is not too late to save his father.

Next Richard is pushed into another area, dropping the torch, next this thing comes up to Richard teeth showing, Richard fires at this thing which again jumps and runs away.

Richard picks himself up and sees the torch in the corner. Richard goes to pick up the torch only to be grabbed by the hand; Richard is about to fire the gun again only to see it’s his father, injured but alive. “Am I glad to see you” says Richard, hugging his father. “Like wise” replies Roger?

Richard helps his father to his feet and starts to make his way back to the basement door.

That very next moment this thing reappears and knocks Richard and his father back to the ground, this thing is about to claw Richard’s face, when it is hit by a rock  thrown by Roger, this Disfigured thing jumps towards Roger, when Roger flashes the torch in it’s face to see these blood filled eyes staring at him. This thing then screams and turns away and runs again into the darkness.

Richard and his father quickly get back on their feet and begin to make their way to the door of this old basement.

While making their way through the corridors, Richard kept lighting up flairs and dropping them as to give them time to get back.

They are both now nearing the door of the old basement and this thing is behind them, Richards throws the last flair which does not light up.

Richard pushes his father through the door, only to be dragged back by this thing, while scrambling on the floor Richard grabs the unlit flair and tries to grab the gun, only to miss it by a few inches; Richard is being dragged further and further within the basement. Richard is thrown towards the wall and this disfigured thing is coming closer and closer towards Richard.

This thing tries to bite Richard only for Richard to kick it in the face, it comes again and again Richard kicks it, this time the disfigured thing goes a few feet back to launch itself at Richard.

This give Richards a few seconds to light the flair, this thing jumps towards Richard only for Richard to push the Flair into the monsters open mouth, it begins to choke, but again launches itself at Richard. Richard closes his eyes thinking this is the end of him only to hear a couple of gun shots. Richard opens his eyes only to see his father Roger and the Sheriff pointing guns at this thing. This monster is lying next to him dead.

Richard looks at his father and says “Talk about a fresh start”.

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