7 ( My First Short Story)

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A story about a child and his curiosity about the world.Inspired by the Biblical Seven Sins.

Submitted: May 15, 2015

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Submitted: May 15, 2015



A cold winter night filled with the sounds of a busy town. It is one of those nights that just makes you want to hide under the blankets for warmth and have a nice cup of hot chocolate. Within the streets of the town there was a homeless child, he was a very lonely but observant kid, all he had was a necklace from his mother and the clothes he was wearing. As he walked down the street, he saw a woman trying to rub her body on a man with a suit. It was very weird for him, he asked himself “What was she trying to do? “Not having an answer for himself he moves on.

 While walking the boy realized he was getting hungry, having no money all he can do was ask for food. There was a nearby restaurant inside it he saw an obese man the man ordered 6 burgers it was like a bear stocking up for hibernation, the child ask himself “I don’t think, he would mind me asking for 1 right?, He looks pretty healthy”. The boy runs to the man and asked for a burger, this made him very angry he shouted “Beggars don’t deserve food if they can’t pay for it”. The man was about to tell him to get out when suddenly he grasped his chest and his face turned blue. The man falls on the ground and everyone was screaming “Get an ambulance”. The scene frightened the child and he ran away as far as he can from the restaurant. He managed to find a bus stop where he could take a break and catch his breath, while trying to find a way to get food.

 He asked himself “If I can’t get food, I’ll just ask for some coins, it’s just coins people won’t mind?” he eagerly gets up and picks up a tin can. He went to look for a spot to stand on and to put up his tin then called out “Change anyone, can I have some change?” everyone seemed to ignore the thin pale starving child, some did look at him but pretended they don’t see him. The boy again questions himself “All I need is a few coins, how greedy can people get?” Annoyed he goes to find a new spot where more people would walk by.

 As he was walking a kid pushed him on to the ground and spat at him. The other kid looked like he was some upper class kid, he was carrying an iPad and was bragging how he was better and richer than most kids. The kid had some cuts and bruises on him, probably gets into fights a lot because of his attitude. The rich kid told the boy to give him his necklace or his dad will send him to prison. The child tells the rich kid that it was a gift from his mother. The rich kid screams in a loud voice” I DON’T CARE, I GET WHAT I WHENEVER I WANT!!” this startled the boy and also caught the attention of the rich kid’s father. Seeing the father walk towards them the boy ran away to hide as he doesn’t want to get involved. The father grabs the rich kid firmly on his arm and dragged him across the ground and kicked him in the gut while shouting “ARE YOU TRYING TO EMBRASS ME IN PUBLIC, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING SON OF A WHORE, and YOU WERE LUCKY I STILL TOOK YOU IN”. The rich kid starts crying, the father looked around to see if anyone saw them as he was looking he sees the boy hiding behind some crates he ignores him and drags the rich kid back to the limousine and they drive off.

Shaken up from what happened the kid runs up to a house on a hill, as he got to the house an old lady comes out and sees the pale starving child. She tells the boy to wait and that she has something for him. The child takes a sit on of the chairs outside waiting patiently for him to come back out. The lady walks out with a bunch of food and some water bottles and hands them to the boy. He happily eats them and chats with the old lady. She notices the necklace he has she asked him where he got it from, he answers “I got it from my mother when she left me, the necklace was split in half and I think my mother has the other, I think” . The old lady blankly stares at him for a few seconds and laughs. The child then gets up and thanks her for the food, she grabs his hand and shakes saying “It was a pleasure to meet you, young lad”.

 They parted ways the boy ran back down to town and the old lady went back inside her house. As she lied down on her bed, she opens a box with a charm that seemed to be split in half.



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