Apollo's Reckoning

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Evie and Apollo are seniors in high-school, both in GT, both lonely, and both with an endless curious quirkiness. One day, before a special project, trouble arises,and Evie is kidnapped. and someone comes to the rescue... Now, they know each other as someone they can count on. Until a day in GT, when they are paired up for a project. Is it hate that keeps their relationship weird...or Just true love?

Submitted: March 21, 2019

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Submitted: March 21, 2019



Apollo was very, very hot. At least, that's what I had heard from Michelle, my best friend. I've never seen Apollo, myself, but all the girls gush that he's so "Mysterious-looking, with his shaggy raven hair, and his seafoam eyes. He's suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper tan, and kinda buff. Even his walk makes me jealous, and..." That's the point where I decided to ignore them, and walk to my locker. Alone. Apollo is a new student, who isn't popular, but not nerdy either. Most of the girls like him because he's new and broody. I don't know him at all, so...Oh, I forgot my introductions, didn't I? My name's Evelynn Laroo, and I'm a high-school senior, 17 years old. I'm pretty tall, and have a good build. My life's interesting. You see, I'm in GT, and life is throwing the hardest things at me in there. Usually, I'd just do it all, but there's too much work in school. Anyways...I'm busy, and don't have time for a lot of stuff.

"Evie! Evie! Evie! EEEEEEVVVVIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Michelle screamed from across the hall, charging at me like a rhino. 

"Woah, there, buckaroo! Slow down! Where's the fire?" I exclaimed, putting my hands out to stop here from colliding with me. She laughs, but slows down.

"Evie! Guess what just happened? Come on, guess, guess, guess! Evie!" She said, jumping up and down repeatedly. I smiled, and started to.

"Ummm, your mother's picking you up early?"

"No. I wish!"

"Well, you, umm, got a letter in your locker?"


"What is it then?" I asked, giving up.

"Amiah said that Harley said that Mikey said that Fiona said that Owen said that he heard from Jackie who told Uni who told Theressa that Apollo is planning to ask me out!" She exclaimed, giving me a hug.

"Great!" I said enthusiastically.

"I know, right!?"

"What are you going to say?"

"Yes, obviously."


"Well, see you later!" She said, and ran to her next class. I grabbed my books out of my locker, and a sparkly pen I got from my mom. I walked to GT, soaking in the aloneness of my life, when I heard a commotion coming from my GT room. A boy with a tall stature walks out, sulking, and throws a paper airplane into the air. It flies in a squiggly line before plummeting down into my eye. I yelp, and start crying. The boy runs over to me, grabbing the airplane and crumpling it up. He throws it over his shoulder, and it lands instantly in the trash can. The figure runs at me, and looks worried. 

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" He asks, grabbing my hand and putting on my eye.

"I-I guess."

"I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, you were..."



"My friends are jerks...they, were teasing me about someone I like."


"Yeah! How'd you know?"

"She's sorta-kinda my best friend...She gossips a lot, too."

"Oh." He said, and blushed. I smiled, and started walking in the direction of the GT room. I heard footsteps behind me, and saw him run ahead into the classroom, his friends embracing him in a brotherly manner. My feet are directing me towards the classroom, but yet again, there;s a commotion...this time from outside. I gasp when I hear a large, sharp sound, and run towards the doors connecting to the outside. I burst into bright light, and see one of the cafeteria ladies laying on the ground, a gun in her hand, a wound in her chest. I scream, and a hand clamps over my mouth. I feel a sharp pain on the back of my head, and pass out.


My head hurt. I felt groggy, and tried to open my eyes. It pains me, but I open them and look around me. I'm on a hard cot, in a moving vehicle. A van. I try screaming, but a cloth fills my mouth, smelling of oil and tasting just as nasty. I also try moving, but I am strapped down by chains. A sudden halt threw my cot on its side, and I cry out in pain. The van continues, and a few minutes later, stops again-gently. I try and look out the window close to me, but it's covered up with old posters for P!nk and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hear a door slam, and strain to look up front, when the double-doors under my feet open up, letting in bright shafts of light. I see a glimpse of trees-and a handsome man-before a blindfold is put over my eyes. The stranger picked me up, and set me on their shoulder. I hear gravel crunching underfoot as we advance towards an unknown establishment. I struggle as much as I can, and kick and try to scream, but that earns me a slap upside my head, and an unsettling tip  forwards. I screech, and hear a deep chuckle.

My captor is a man. This much I know. Soon, the familiar sound of slaps against wood fills my ears, and a creaky door squeaks open, while a dusty-musty smell pricks my nose. I cough, and immediately I'm thrown onto something soft and cushy, a bed or couch of some sort. "Where am I? Who are you? What do you want-" I start to ask, pleading, when I'm interrupted by a searing, blocky pain on my back, stinging and making me gasp. "Stop! Please, STOP!" I beg, trying to bring my hands to my back to hold the hurt off. Soon, I start to feel numb, still feeling faint blows on my back, until I finally drift off to sleep... Blacked out. LATER. I open my eyes in a fuddled manner, and take in my surroundings, realizing I can see. The wallpaper's a dark, Prussian blue, with bright crimson roses, dripping flamingo blood. I grimace, seeing the words written on the wall:

"SAVE ME" "SOS" "What does he want?" "Escape ASAP" "Don't believe him!" "Date prisa, él va a-" Many other words were hanging around, but I ignored them, scared. I looked around, seeing a vanity in the corner, and something reflected there, was the door. I run to it, and try to open it, just in case.


It's all but hopeless, so I trudge back to the vanity, feeling defeated. I decide to try and fix myself up. Combing my hair with my fingers, and putting it back into a ponytail, getting a smudge off my smelly shirt, and trying to smile, which turns into an O of surprise when I see my captor standing in the doorway, holding a knife. I stifle a scream, and stand up, holding my hands in the prayer motion. "What do you want from me!?" I cry out, backing into the wall, looking for something to defend myself with. "You know what I want, Elsa." He says, stepping up to me, holding my ponytail in his hand in a pervish manner. "My name's not Elsa!" I say, trying to escape his grasp. "Oh, cut the crap, you little-" He's interrupted by a clang, and crumples to the floor, drooling blood on the carpet, where he dropped his knife, impaling his foot.

I look behind him to see a tall, dark and brooding figure, holding a crowbar. "Let's go,"Apollo says, taking my hand, and starting to run. I smile goofily, and willingly run with him, until we get outside, to his red Camaro. I hop in the passenger side, and he runs around into the driver seat, pulling out, and exceeding the speed limit as we dash off, towards wherever he's taking me. Even though I've slept a lot since I was kidnapped, I feel drowsy, and rest my head on Apollo's shoulder, his warm, comforting shoulder... "It's okay, Evie," He says softly, stroking my hair, "You're safe now..."


I wake up with a start, and see that we're in front of the police station, my parents standing inside, frantically speaking with two officers, and a pair of pale women sitting on the waiting chairs, looking scared and sad. We walk into the police station, and immediately, a swarm of people come over to us, police, parents, reporters, and students.

Reporter: "Where have you been, Miss Evelynn Laroo?" Mom: "Evelynn Rachel Laroo! Oh-my-God!" Michelle: "Wow! You're back!" Police Officer: "Can you give us details about your kidnapper?" Apollo ends up shushing them all, and him, a police officer, the pale women, my parents, and a reporter walk into a different room, and we end up talking about every detail... Apparently, Apollo ended up hearing the gunshot, too, and ran out, seeing the man stuffing me in the van. Without a second to spare, he got in his own car, and followed the van from a distance, and when he got to the house, he waited until the man went out to do something, and ran into the house-"riskily", as the Officer Gerald said-hiding in a closet near the upstairs rooms. Once he was there, he found it was full of a bunch of items for murder, and other crimes: Crowbars, duffel bags, bottles marked 'poison', and others. He grabbed the crowbar, and one he heard footsteps passing him, he stepped out of the closet, and followed, realizing it had been hours, which meant a day had passed. Once he saw the man bring out the knife, and start to put it near me, he ran in, and hit him-hard-and took me back here.

Soon, I was ushered away, back home, where I was fed, and put into my room for safekeeping. I fell asleep-again-and woke up to whispering at 2 am. I open my eyes, and see my parents handing money to some tall figure, who is laughing a small laugh. It turns to face me, and I start, seeing the face of my kidnapper, and a huge, bleeding scar crosses his face, making him look scarier than before. He comes over to my bed, whispering something, and I feel a sharp pain in my arm. I look down, and see a huge, silver needle jammed into my skin so far, I'm bleeding. I look up, feeling drowsy, and the man laughs a chopped laugh, that sounds like crying. He grabs my hair and tugs, and caresses my face. I scream, and all of a sudden, he's licking my face and my neck, sitting on my chest, suffocating me...

I jump up,awake, sweaty, screaming, while my dog, Trigger is licking my face, and sitting on me. I look around, and see my parents sitting on the side of my bed, smoothing my hair, and looking at me worriedly. Sun is shining through my window, framing my bed, and I calm down, because the sun is shining, as if all in the world were natural, and normal again...as if.

My parents leave my room, and I realize why: There's the sound of sizzling, and the delicious aroma of blueberry pancakes. I get up, happy for something, when I see the surprise sitting at the table. Apollo, who is currently filling plates with food, is at my house. My eccentric, smelly, untidy house. I glance around, suddenly embarrassed. He smiles, and motions for me to sit down next to him. I do, and he immediately says


I dig in greedily, and choke after trying to have orange juice and bacon at once. All eyes are on me as I wipe my mouth, and mumble something that resembles a "I'm okay, sorry", and keep eating. No one talks until, finally, mom clears her throat. "So, honey...Apollo would like to...drive you to school today. Are you up for going to school, or???" She asks, avoiding my eyes, and slightly smiling at Apollo like he's a God. Which, according to my parents, he kinda is. I grimace and quickly go over the pros and cons in this, and nod my head tightly. They look at me quizzically. All of them. "Yes, I'm okay with going to school." I say, grinning falsely. I was still traumatized, but I decide that that doesn't matter right now, and I have years to get over it.

When we arrive at school, I'm mobbed, as if I were the most popular kid in school, and had disappeared for a few years. I'm overwhelmed, but after 30 minutes, I manage all the questions, and go inside. Today's a half-day, thanks to teacher-work-day(today), so I only go to my exploratories, then GT, which will take most of my day up. As I step into the GT classroom, silence is instilled, like before, and I get a bad feeling, before everything resumes, and I sit in my regular seat, in the corner. Unlike this morning, only a few kids come over, and ask if I'm all right. One of my elementary friends, Owen, comes over and puts his hand on my back, starts rubbing it, and asks me other questions. 

"Yes, Owen, I'm okay, but my back is sore, and I feel very jumpy." I say, and he takes his hand off my back so quickly, I wince. He trudges away with his tail between his legs, and I try to stifle a laugh. Ever since he 'met me in elementary', he's had a crush on me, so whenever I say anything depressed, demeaning, or irritated-like, he always is quick to go away, to "please me".

"Excuse me class!" Calls Mr. Kowolski, and all eyes revert to him, "Thank you. I have an announcement! We're starting a partner project for this semester! We were supposed to do this two days ago, but we had the accident. Anyways, it's a passion project, along a partner project, so be sure to like your partner, and agree on something you both have a passion for."

Everybody murmurs, and a few stragglers looked excited, air pumps, cheers, applause. I was jsut glad that he hadn't announced anything about my...incident.

"So, here are our partners! Owen and Keira! Nicholas and Felise! Persaeus and Ino! Maria and Moira! Liam and Richie! Lena and Rebecca!" He kept going along the list, and I realized that neaither my name-nor Apollo's- was said.

"Finally, APOLLO AND EVIE!!!" He says with finality, and I hear a wolf whistle as Apollo stands up and comes to the seat next to mine. I cringe, but feel good at the same time, in fact...it's a feeling I can't exactly explain...

"Hey, so, I guess, we're...partners?" He says, unsure. I blush, and turn away from him.

"Yeah...partners." I say, and I hear him scoff, so I blush harder. When I turn to talk to him about our project, the bell rings, signaling the end of school. I frown, and pack my stuff up, leaving the school. 


When I get home, I cry into my pillow...for no known reason. I feel depressed and tired, and I wish to know why. Why was Apollo so unsure, so mean? I think to myself. Later, I eat a good dinner, and fall asleep without any hitches this time.


When I get to GT today, the whole room is buzzing with possibilities for projects. I sit in my regular seat, and wait patiently for Apollo to arrive. Although, it's just my demanor that is patient, for inside, I feel very nervous and twitchy. I finally see Apollo, who's been here for a while, and he motions me over to where he's sitting...The middle of the classroom. I gulp, and start to cross over there, feeling dizzy. Once I sit down, I expect to be the center of attention, but instead, everyone is chatting with their partners. Apollo puts his arm ehind my head and smiles.

"So, Evie, is it? What do you want to do for the project?" He asks. I shrug, and he turns to his computer, looking at lists of ideas, babbling on. I try to listen, but my phine buzzes, so I take it out, and see that Michelle has texted me.

Hey Evie Hru

Good i guess

Where r u


Someone said they had prtner proj., that tru


Who ur prtnr




 ...can u take pic of him 4 me

uhhhh sure

thx gurl

Eh, welcome

I smile, and take a picture of her crush, and when I send it to her, she sends a swooning emote. I smirk, and all of a sudden, Apollo's peering at the stuff and looking amused. I blush, and he laughs. I go to talk, when, suddenly, he grabs my hand, and kisses it, smiling. I grin, and he chuckles. Then, the teacher comes over, and, just as quickly, we sit apart, and Apollo turns back into a stony partner. I hate him. 

I'm at home now. Apollo and I actually decided on something for our partnering passion project: How to keep our school safe.

We both tried not to laugh when we had to present that portion of it-the title-to our class. Almost everyone laughed when the teacher went pale, and looked overly embarrassed.

I reach for my phone to listen to music, and I get a text. As I open it, I see that it's from an unkown number.


Do I know u?

It's Ap-

Apollo? How'd u get my #??????


R u guys dating??

No...I like someone else ;)

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