The Midnight Prayer

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A short poem about love and death. A mans desperate call to his deceased lover at the foot of his bed.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



The Midnight Prayer by Kyle Goedeke


Will the moon sink? Will the sun rise?

Can I truly see with these cold eyes?

Can I get up off my knees and onto my feet?

Should I pray the lord my soul to keep?

Will I ever learn from my mistakes?

Should I pray the lord my soul to take?

Can someone hear me? Or am I alone?

Am I a soul? Or just old bones?

Will I ever have you next to me?

Oh, long forgotten ecstasy?

If I call your name? If I call it out?

Can heaven hear a human shout?

In eternal bliss, in shining halls

Do you ever think of me at all?

Tell me love, is there a chance?

Will I ever get one final dance?

Or just some hope and I’ll go on

Through nights eternal, ill drag on

My promise to you, I swear I’ll keep

Until then my mistakes ill reap

And before I lay me down to sleep

I’ll hold your picture, and surely weep


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