The Seedless Tree

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Short poem about humanity and the we approach life. Will we destroy the beautiful planet we call home and leave no hope for a future without us?

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



"The Seedless Tree" By Kyle Goedeke

We are all one, and one is all

Through winter, summer spring and fall

Hot is hot and cold is cold,

Young is young and old is old

When moments pass, so too do we

So too will leaves from the old oak tree

If the sky might warn of a mighty storm

Through wings and chatter, we are informed

When winter comes and nights are long,

The nightingale still sings its song

Delightful to our lonesome ears,

Just so soothing to our midnight fears

When many hungry stomachs ache

Whose utters do we need to shake?

When the sun beats down with sweltering heat

We lean our backs against whose ancient feet?

And when the world has turned and backed away

Who wags his tail and walks our way?

Why, oh why does it seem to me?

When I look into the endless sea,

I’m confronted with epiphany

For a moment I look past the thought of me

For miles, blue is all I see

While waves move in and then recede

So too does anger, fear and greed

The sand and shells beneath my feet

Are free of sorrow and deceit

The seagulls above all fly and soar

Without a mighty engines roar

A hermit crab crawls by with shell in-tact

With all he needs upon his back

I look out again, I strain my eye

And where the ocean meets the sky

I see three smokestacks sailing by

With toxic clouds like purple dye

I wonder as this vessel churns

And we all learn, and earn and burn

Why do we want more than we need?

Where does knowledge and power lead?

All in all a dying breed

A mighty redwood that yields no seed

Meanwhile the sun is blocked from all

With the redwood standing mighty and tall

When it finally falls the earth will quake

Leaving nothing in its wake

It seems to me that all in all

Some winter summer spring or fall

Our ears won’t hear a bluebirds call

If we are all one and one is all

Then when our mighty towers fall

Will we leave anything at all?

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