The Hunt.

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Submitted: August 27, 2009

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Submitted: August 27, 2009



My nose wet and sensitive, sniffed the air, my body quivered with impatience ready to strike, ready to bite, to poison an unknown flesh.

But there was no scent, no sound, nothing but the groaning of the trees also impatient to shed there remaining leaves.

There it was, the smallest crack of a twig a sound coming from the east side of the woods. I sniffed again. Ah! There it was, the smell of flesh, the smell of bones unknowingly to be crunched upon my strong canines.

It is time to run, the pounding of my heart is drowned out from the rhythm of my paws hitting the damp earth. It continues I do not stop, not yet. I sniff, the smell is stronger, but this time I can hear its weak small heart fighting to keep up with my fast one.

There is a voice it is calling out, lost from its protector, there is nothing but me and it.

I stop, going still, I dare not even smell my eyes close in on it, it is small and clumsy, falling down on the trees thick roots. Its close enough now, I growl to show it my presence, to watch its eyes widen in unmistakable fear. It tries to run! How useless that is, for it knows it will be mine soon.

I take a gallant ponce my honey colored fur shines bright in the revealing full moon, my canines sink into something sweet and hard, a scream is heard but it is distant. I sigh into a relief as I sink into my prey deeper, my canines that have been aching for the release of this painful venom sighs. I let go, my senses returned, I see a boy small with a blue baseball hat, his eyes widened pupils dilated with fear that I am all to familiar with.

I am content, I let go of my victim and run. I run far past my victim, run un till I am swallowed by the woods whole, I run un till I can no longer hear the cries of pain that I have inflicted. My stomach clenches I am sickened with myself for this crime I committed, but mostly sickened with the happiness I felt while doing it, and the contentment I now feel.

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