Look Mom I'm a Cowboy

Poem by: Kbraun


Children's motivational poems.


Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



Look Mom I’m a ……..

A Series of Saturday Surprises

It’s Saturday morning, wake-up mother said

We need to get ready for your big day ahead

What’s that, Luke asked, as he stretched his small arms?

We’re going to visit Uncle Jack’s farm.

Does he have chickens, sheep and pigs, Luke asked

Oh no his mom answered, putting Luke through the task

Of asking more questions about this mysterious place

His curiosity rising, excitement on his face.

The journey was lengthy,two hours by car

For Luke it seemed forever,the trip was very far.

But once they arrived, what did he see

A man on a horse and an open prairie.

Jack’s Cattle Ranch was etched in the sign

What an adventure he shrieked, this will be a great time

Welcome young cowboy said the man on the horse

Follow me this way to the lasso rope course

First you need to learn how to rope a young steer

Then we’ll suit you up with your own rope and gear.

Luke could wait no longer for his turn in the pen

To rope a baby calf over and over again

His turn finally came as the gate opened wide

He lassoed the calf and it fell on its side.

Great work said the rancher, do you want to learn more

Oh yes Luke exclaimed, I am ready, I’m sure.

He followed the rancher to the stables out back

He was given a saddle and a big burly sack.

The sack was full of oats to feed to his horse

Handle him gently, said the rancher, never with force

Luke mounted the horse and they started to ride,

To the big open prairie with the rancher by his side

After some time Luke noticed some cattle

The rancher told him to sit very still in the saddle

The herd looked up at the rancher and boy

Then continued to eat the brown grass and soy

On the count of three, the rancher explained

We will ride to this herd making noise, don’t refrain

1, 2, 3 Luke heard the rancher shout

The cattle started running round and about

They pushed the cattle forward, close to a stream

Luke’s only thought: I hope this isn’t a dream

Its time to head back, the rancher remarked

As they rode away from the sunset and into the dark

Once back at the ranch, Luke thanked his guide

For teaching him rope tricks and riding by his side

Luke waved good-bye as he heard the rancher say

You are a great cowboy, come visit us again one day

© Copyright 2017 Kbraun. All rights reserved.

Look Mom I'm a Cowboy Look Mom I'm a Cowboy

Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Children's motivational poems.
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