Look Mom I'm A Dancer

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A short poem about a surprise a mom plans for a little ballerina. She will dance on a very big stage.

Submitted: August 06, 2013

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Submitted: August 06, 2013



Look Mom I’m A Dancer

“Wake up!” Mother said, “I have a surprise.”

as Ann rubbed the sleep away from her eyes.

“What is it?” Ann asked, sitting up in her bed,

“I cannot tell you, Ann,” her mother just said.

Ann hurried to dress, excited to see,

“I wonder what mother has in store for me.”

Ann got in the car asking questions on end,

But mother never revealed the surprise that still pends.

They drove to the City where mom parked the car

In front of a theatre with a big silver star.

We’re going to a show?” Ann asked as they both walked inside.

“Oh Ann!” mother said “you’ll soon be glowing with pride

As you appear on a big stage with other dancers and lights.”

Ann hurried up the stairs which were more than three flights.

“Do I have a costume and toe shoes?” Ann looked quite distressed.

“Of course” mother answered as Ann quickly undressed.

“Pink, my favorite color” Ann squealed with delight.

The tutu was blue with sequins all white.

She hurried backstage to wait with the others.

Ann chatted with girls being primped by their mothers.

Their pink satin toe shoes are laced up so tight

As they ready to dance on their toes tonight.

The teacher appeared from behind a curtain so big

And began dancing steps that looked like a jig.

The girls followed her steps which they practiced before

They plié and releve and step one, two, three, four.

The music starts playing; it’s their turn to dance

One by one they leap on stage in a pony like prance

Once on the stage their formation is made

The lights burning so bright now are beginning to fade.

Ann slowly steps forward, arms stretched out to the sides

She twirls in a circle, jumps up and then glides

Across that really big stage, she leaps with all her might

The audience gasps as they watch her mid - flight

Her landing was soft then she gracefully bowed

Ann smiled as the clapping became really loud

Flowers were tossed onto the stage

Ann’s solo performance was all the rage

After the show, she was surrounded by fans

Wanting to know of her dancing career plans.

Ann smiled at her mom with a twinkle in her eyes

And hugged her tightly saying “Thanks for this wonderful surprise.”




by Kim Braun



© Copyright 2017 Kbraun. All rights reserved.

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