The Hospital Room

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A little boy visits his aunt in the hospital

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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Submitted: October 03, 2012




The Hospital Room


Wake up mother said, I have a surprise

We’re going to the hospital, a new baby arrived

Is it a girl or a boy Joey asked on the way?

It’s a boy mother said, His name is Pele


Joey was excited to see this small little boy

He wanted to show him his new video toy

He climbed the metal bed frame as fast as he could

To see what was wriggling under a blanketed hood.


Aunt Mary he asked, can he see my new game

But before she could answer, Joey glanced at a frame

That was placed on the wall right above the bed

Joey exclaimed to his mother: the cows all look dead.


Never mind that his mother said with a wrinkling frown

Come away from that bed and stop clowning around

Joey pouted a minute as he squeezed through the rail

Then slid around the room until he kicked the trash pail


The noise was so loud that the baby awoke

Laughing so hard Joey started to choke

He raced to the table to fill up a glass

With water from the pitcher he hurried so fast


The water splashed everywhere as he attempted to pour

His mother was yelling Joey clean up that wet floor

He reached for the Kleenex to mop up the mess

But before he could grab one  much to his distress


Joey’s leg got caught by the foot of a chair

That old hardback  flew straight up in the air

It landed so hard Joey heard a big thump

The next thing he felt on his head was a lump


His mother said Joey it’s time to go home

We had a nice visit, let’s leave Aunt Mary alone

Ok Joey said as he hugged Pele so tight

I’ll be back tomorrow to kiss you good night



















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