That Day

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Sometimes we do not know what we try to achieve in our daily life. We act like animals. To be honest.

Submitted: August 12, 2013

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Submitted: August 12, 2013



I walked out the door quickly, not to disrupt the other man who was sleeping in the other room. He was a tall man, sleek in size. But usually a man at this height, you call him thin. His jaws were not strong from far, as soon as you could see his face from outside close to the light, the bones at the side stuck out. His eyes were large, if you intend to have a close look at them, they looked dry and without space. Sometimes, he walked out to talk about his affairs. Any conversation that had been raised, they were little intentions about you. Hence, you either can raise you wrist high up into the sky to forget about the talk or simply shrugged and moved on.

So I walked, a short gap before his door, his door flung open, an unfresh smell blasted into my face. I almost stopped but I pretended to walk ahead.

"So, a day, so hot, a shower is better than a nap?" he said in a cold voice.

"Ya, my feet are sweating."I said, fanning my face.

"It's hot, look at me, sweating from head to toe," he said, one of his hands with a towel, wiping his face and his exposed armpit.

"Are you not used to this weather?" I stood still, for the air was becoming staler, as if I had just killed a wild boar.

"No, just today, so hot."

"You should now go take a bath."

"I know, woof."

He made a gentle twist in front of me and turned towards and into his room. After a while, he walked out with a bigger towel wrapping over his small inward bone structured shoulders. He marched into the shower, closed the door, and you can hear the sounds of water splashing his tall body.

Not much of a rush for me, I stood to watch his hot body moving in and moving out of the hall, even after the shower. Though, he looked splashed, I was not certain of my own judgment. For I rest assured.

"Still hot?" I asked.

"Well, it's a hot day, you know."

"Yes, it is."


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