All is Forgiven

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Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



a flash of worry crosses her face

as his hand slips into her back pocket

and withdraws her phone

he begins slowly, checking her pictures, her missed calls

and then her messages


i see something in his eye

that screams what he has found

and one glance at the phone confirms

that she made plans with another guy


he swiftly walks away,gliding over the stone path

not running or jogging

but moving at a pace at which we cannot follow him


she strolls behind at a leisurely pace

claiming that we'll catch up to him eventually

i want to sprint up to where he is

and tell him that we are not all cheats and liars

but it is useless

for he only wants her, and i only want him


she reaches the spot where he is standing

and stares deeply into his eyes

there is so much sadness

so much pain, so much anger

and so much forgiveness in those eyes

i know that look


she slips her arm around his waist

and he drapes his arm over her shoulders

while i stroll behind them

at a leisurely pace


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