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He was just a boy who like pizza and super hero.
So he named him self pizzaman!
And some bad guy name Dr.Soda is planing to destroy the world.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



*There was a boy name David Knight he was 16 year old. He love pizza and super hero so he named him self Pizzaman.He say he could save the world!

One day evil scientist named Dr.Soda make a monster! He say he would kill everybody who try to stop him. Some Random Kid says "Um so your name is Dr.Soda

do you have soda?" Dr.Soda says " no! Fool i don't have soda!! but now it time to kill you all." No need to worry Pizzaman is here!

Random kid say" who is pizzaman?" Dr Soda say" never heard of it". Pizzaman say" you may not heard about me but i heard about you". Dr.Soda say" just get to the point kid."

Pizzaman say" i will battle you to save the world" Dr.Soda say"ok? then i will get my monster to destroy you. Monstery come to me" Monstery say"ARRRRRRRR"

Pizzaman say"So your monster is name Monstery it monster but you just add a y but who care i will win you and save the world" Dr.Soda say"you fool!!! you think you can beat my

monster!? let see how long can you last fool"

Pizzaman use his super power on the monster. he use pizzaX it a power that make a lot of pizza get on something. but pizzaX did not do anything to the monster and the monster eat the pizza! And then the monster use fireball on pizza man! He was hurt. He say to him self"I can't died now i got to be a super hero first! some how the power of pizza

got to his body he got lot and lot of pizza power.He use are the power on the Monster and he win!! Dr.Soda say'Noooooooo! my monster"

Pizzaman say"It over Dr.Soda now the cop is taking you to jail" Everyone call him a hero everyone love him he know what he want to be a hero.

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