An Unexpected Dinner

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A man eating at the famous Ristorante D'Angelo finds himself in quite a peculiar situation when his dinner partner eats drugged food. When he does nothing to stop the waiters from taking her body away, something is really wrong.

Submitted: May 25, 2009

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Submitted: May 25, 2009



“An Unexpected Dinner”

Marie stepped to the side of the man wearing the pinstriped gray suit. Her long gown caressed her legs and emphasized her exquisite silhouette. The man standing behind the dark wooden podium greeted her and he requested she verify her reservation.

“Table for two, under the name White,” she retorted almost immediately, looking down at her partner’s shoes. This was the famous Risorante D’Angelo, and the dining was said to be unmatched in the world. The tall host that had now checked their appointment elegantly motioned for his guests to follow and lead them to an open table near the balcony. On their table lay a small candle, with a flame battling the wind for existence. Both the man and Miss White had been to this particular restaurant several times, and without further ado, their drinks were served. For both, it would be a tall glass of Pinot Noir. Marie gracefully extended her arms toward the glass and sipped slowly. She placed down her wine and parted her bright red lips to speak.

“What a lovely evening,” she suggested, gazing out the long window, past the balcony and at the stars. Peeking through the clouds were a few stars, their luminescence brightening the night sky. Again, she set down her crystal glass upon the crimson tablecloth, next to the plum handkerchief folded delicately on the expensive china. Almost every evening, Miss Marie White and her handsome partner, Henry Van Schalscha ate here, at the Ristorante D’Angelo.

“There was not a cloud in the sky a few hours ago,” Marie spoke to her partner, attempting to make small talk. Before Henry could answer, the waiter, clad in black clothing, set down the dinner menus, bound in expensive leather. On the cover, the restaurants well-known name inscribed in elaborate gold script stood out against its dark background. Together, they opened the menus to see only two pages, neither double-sided, delicately placed in the plastic inside. Ever since a famine spread worldwide, the Ristorante D’Angelo could only place a few things in the menu. On one side was the list of beverages and on the other, the only entr available here. The only meal available anywhere. The choice was easy, and because both already had their drinks, the waiter had not left their table for he knew there would be no decisions.

“The usual,” Henry spoke in his low, velvety voice. The waiter nodded, acknowledging his request, and started back to his workstation.

He submitted the orders to the cooks, saying, “Two of the usual.” They all knew what he meant. Everyone knew what that meal was. It was all they could eat. Crops were dead. Livestock was suffering, too. In no time, the waiter brought out two plates and set them down in front of the guests. Lying upon them was tongue, an appetizer. After taking a bite or two, Marie pushed forward the food, not wanting another taste. The truth was that the food that everyone ate now was not as appetizing as the old cuisine. It disgusted most, but it was either that or death. Ravenous, Henry inhaled his portion in a near record time and the waiter appeared soon after to deliver the entr. He lifted the silver dome covers on the platters, revealing steaming dishes of meat. Miss White tried not to wince as she poached the block of meat lying on her platter, slowly bringing it to her large, red lips.

“Chewy,” she whispered, trying not to think about what she was really eating. She had enough of this famine. Everything was restricted these days and realized that there was no longer any point to living.

Abruptly, she stood up, letting her dark napkin fall to the beautifully carpeted floor, and frustrated, she spoke, “That is it! I am done with this. No one is going to force me to eat this anymore. I cannot take it!” Just like so many others, she was going mad. The restaurant has slipped some medication to make her react this way into her appetizer. Stomping out the wide walnut doors, she passed out. Henry watched in horror as two waiters proceeded by dragging her into the kitchen. He had seen this before. It happened almost every few hours here and at every restaurant. Marie’s long, slender body was forced through a swinging door, into the kitchen. Miss White’s fine and courteous partner would never see her again. Henry was smart enough to know not to fight the system. It would only lead him to the same fate as Marie. With only a few cows left somewhere halfway around the world and absolutely no crops, everyone had to get their food somehow. Humans were the only answer. Those who died of disease were too contaminated to eat and those dying from hunger provided little meat. However, there was no escaping it. The government forbade anyone from eating at home because of the lack of food. Restaurants such as this were the only option; there was no escaping this fate.

The Ristorante D’Angelo needed its human meat from somewhere and they needed it fresh. Men, children, and women were the only food left on the earth and every fiftieth meal or so would contain the drug required to capture the prey. It was a busy night and more than a hundred guests were seated at the restaurant. It might only take minutes before another one would be captured. Sure enough, a short, round man with large glasses and blond hair collapsed minutes later. Henry quietly ate his last bits of meat, trying not to savor it. He knew that it was a moral crime, but he was eating one of the people who had dined at this very restaurant. It was a terrible thing to do and very disgusting and appalling to say the very least, but it was either do or die.

For now, Henry would return to the Ristorante D’Angelo every night to eat his dinner. A handful of other customers would begin eating his partner soon. That fact disgusted him to the very extreme. He looked once more around the restaurant. Every chair, every booth, and every table was filled with people. Every single one was eating one of their kind. A line stretched out the door, and past the now vacant bakery. A small child fell to the floor, at the table to his right and a few seconds later, a rather plump elderly woman with bright red hair collapsed as well. Not even an instant later, a man passed out. One by one, the other customers sitting around him fell to the ground. Henry quickly put on his expensive coat with authentic fur, one of the very last made, and began to march out before he, too, would fall to the others’ fate. He had seen nothing like this. Whoever or whatever was orchestrating this massacre should be punished. Henry never found out because in a few moments, he felt two waiters’ cold hands dragging him to the kitchen. Now, there was a whole flood of crewmembers that scattered the floor, picking up the bodies and bringing them into the kitchen. Those waiting left immediately. Inside the kitchen sat one very human like robot. At his side were two exact replicas. He shouted commands at the waiters who were also of artificial intelligence. With the ability to make their own intelligent decisions more wisely than humans, they did not need their creators. They had the ability to fix themselves and create replicas. All they had to do was extinguish the human food supply to make the humans slowly become cannibals and that would be enough to drive their total and complete annihilation.

Author's Note: I really don't believe my writing is any good. I would be convinced otherwise if I could just get, like, five or six reviews and I will keep posting. (Possibly a multi-chapter one, instead of a short story. *wink*) All I am asking is for thirty seconds of your time to actually click that little "Comment" button and type something nice in. PLEASE Read&Comment!!!!!

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