not good enough....?

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Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



whys this happen,

why do i feel this,

i dont understand,

i dont get it.


I see you be around them,

i see you dont care,

so why do you care when its with me,

your mine.


Theres nothing i can do but put up with the pian,

i know its not actually true,

its just me.


But my depression blinds me,

it mks me see the world as a hallucition,

not whats actually there.


So why do i let it get to me?

i do not know....


but the pian is still the same whenther i lke it or not.

it  overwhelmes the sencess and gets me to do stupid shit.

people always tell me to not let it get that far,

but how do you stop it?


i could never tell you....


so ill just sit here and wallow in the pian,

taking it as it is givin,

asking myself forever... am i....


Not good enough...?

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