This is what happend the night before 12/11/11...

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it is alittle short and not verry detialed i just am trying to get it out of me and this is the only place i know i can wright it and no one in my small town will get it...

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



My phone buzzed, "Hey, what you up to?" i heard krissy say with a hint of sadness catching in her voice.

"Nutin much, just driving home from canada, what about you, whats wrong?"

"Nothing, just bored and wanted to talk to my big brother." those words stung as they hit my ears. let me get this striaght, me and her are related in no way at all, but for some reason she likes to call me brother.

My phone yells at me cause its dieing. "Hey Krissy, i got to go my phone is dieing, ill text you though?" i say in a rush.

"Okay" she says "I geuss thats fine, i love you."

"I love you to" small pause "sis."

i hang up and immediatly text her. it says "Hey, you gunna tell me whats wrong?"

I wiat for a reply, slightly worried about her. My team mates are mooning eachother across the vans, how fun. She replys "Not right now, your just going to lecture me."

i quikly reply, "its about justin agian isent it?" They start blasting the radio. Evenesence is playing, i dident know they listen to good music.

"yeah it is. ill explian more later."

"Okay you want me to come over?" the next couple txt come and go fast.

"yeah, but where are you at?"

"im almost home, then ill get a ride from coach."

"Okay, thank you"


my phone dies. the next  hour gose by fast i hardly rember much of it. i rember lieing to my coach and mom so i could go comfort you. i get to your house and mom is fine with me spending the night so we talk.

"So what happend?" i ask you looking in your eyes.

"Well.. he was drunk and he tryd to have sex with me without a condom." she says looking down. this isent a big deal to most people, but me and Krissy have both had expirences being raped and she has been impregnated from it before. so i hug her tight.

"Im sorry, hun." i smile slightly at her smell, then i tickle her and get on top of her and stratle her. "Im not going to let you stay upset though!" i giggle as she giggles then i hug her tight and we make our bed on the floor. we put in a movie and i wrap my arm around her and pull her tight agianst my side. her head starts sliding so i ask her if shes sleepy and she says yes. so let her rest her head dwn on my arm and shoulder. i think shes asleep. her face is so beutiful when she is asleep. tears came and stung my eyes. i gently swiped the hiar from her eyes put my lips so close to hers i swear i could feel the warmness of them without touching and wisperd "I love you" i kissed her. no not her lips, her cheek. it was soft and warm and i dident want to take my lips away but i did.

then she startled and hugged me. i was shocked and worried. "why dident you tell me before?" she ask quietly.

i dident know what to do. i dident expect her to hear. i didnet know if i rlly wanted her to hear. but she did so i expliand. i explianed that i dident tell her cause i shouldent admit my emotions, i dont deserve the love. then she looked down at my lips. i dident understand the first time, but she did it a couple more times then i slowly leaned in and kissed her.

my heart leaped from my chest, the feeling of her lips so soft agianst mine. we kissed a few more times then went to bed. i knew, as i went to sleep, that after that night.... i was going to be hurt agian.

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