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A man wakes up one morning to find a strange package in his mailbox. He opens it to find his deepest fears had come true.

Submitted: February 17, 2015

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Submitted: February 17, 2015



I went out that morning to check the mailbox, having no time after a business meeting the night before. The morning dew dampened my old brown house slippers and the edge of my flannel pajama pant legs. The sun was just rising above the treetops, casting rays of orange just above the tree line. The first thing I noticed was that my mailbox was standing on a slightly crooked post, like someone had hit it with a vehicle. There was also a dent in the blue metal. "That was a new mailbox..." I cursed the crazy drivers under my breath and made a note to fix the post later after work if I didn't have another meeting. I flipped the flap down and reached inside pulling out a fairly large envelope; too large to be a bill. Maybe a package from a friend or something from work?

I shrugged it off and decided to open it inside, it not being bright enough outside yet. I quickly made it back to my house and turned on the light to the kitchen. I laid the envelope down on the dining table and searched around until I found my letter opener, not wanting to damage the package. I scooted out one of the chairs and sat down, opening the envelope and pulling out a piece of paper that said only two words: “We know.”

My first reaction was “who is we and what do they know?” Of course that was my first reaction. I got a strange package in the mail in a fairly big envelope and all it had was a piece of paper that said “we know.” There was a knock on the front door. I laid the paper down and got up to answer it. By the time I got the door open no one was there, I stepped out and looked around to see nothing. Instead, there was a box laying on the steps. I picked it up and opened it to find a watch with the time stopped at 5:30 PM.

“Strange…” I muttered to myself, closing the door and thinking that this must be some sort of prank from one of the neighborhood children. They were always up to something. I put the watch back in the box and sat it on the coffee table before getting ready for work. I got in the car and began to back out of the driveway before noticing something sticking out of my halfway shut mailbox. I stopped the vehicle and got out to see what it was, only to find that it was another envelope a little heavier than the first. I shook my head, getting tired of this little game but opened it anyway to find another paper and a photo.

1. Go to the train station.
2. That watch you received, wait until that time.
3. Look for this man in the photo and kill him.
We know your secret and if you do not do as the instructions say it will be leaked out to the police.

I swallowed. That was what they knew. Years ago I had accidentally committed a hit-and-run killing an old man. I felt horrible about it but just panicked and didn't know what to do. I trembled, re-reading the paper and looking at the photo, studying the man until his image was burned into my skull. What was I to do? Risk getting arrested for a hit-and-run I committed years ago or risk going to jail to keep a secret.

With shaky hands, I lifted my cell phone and dialed my number to my work. I waited until I heard a female voice on the other end and said. “Hey, I-I won’t be in today. Or any other day after this.”

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