Call me a Bitch

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A tribute to a 'dear' 'friend' of mine who treated me "wonderfuly".

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



You call me a bitch

But never why bother to know why im that

At least not enough to realize its you

Never the fact that you made me build up my walls

And now if anyone comes within a feet of it

I tear them down

You saw me cry

But guess what

I now realize it shows my weakness

And you pounce on that


I called you friend

But I must confess

I partied when you went away


We were supposed to be B.F.F.’s

Well you shouldn’t have made a fool of me in front of everyone

Though I still talk sweet towards you

I feel annoyed just seeing you

You treated me like crap

And now you wonder why I don’t

Tell you anything.

Well guess what genius

Im ignoring you

And flushing you outta my life,

i.e.,  the bitch’s life

© Copyright 2018 KD Jyot. All rights reserved.

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