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Katelyn Michael
Mrs. Valkanas
Period 2

Joan Drayfus, the protagonist in They Never Came Home, lives the average life until her brother Larry Drayfus and her boyfriend Dan Cotwell decide to

take a camping trip. After not returning on the night they were suppose to, Joan’s parents start to worry and turn to the police. The search continues for a good

deal of time but is eventually called off. In a later amount of time the Drayfus residents gets a bunch of strange phone calls from an unknown male voice hinting

at “terrible crimes”. Joan, Larry, Dan and Frank, all main characters in They Never Came Home, have very different personalities and opinions.

Joan is plain, tall girl, who steals the heart of Dan Cotwell, her brother Larry’s friend.

Larry in the novel is quiet, private and very possessive of his belongings. Dan the overall nice guy who is madly in love with Larry’s sister, Joan. Frank is Dan’s

brother who is completely oblivious to why Dan even likes Joan and accuses that in being the only reason Dan hangs out with Larry. Last but not least “Mr.

Brown”, the antagonist in They Never Came Home, this character is very mysterious and has little to no information released on his identity or personality.

In They Never Came Home, Lois Duncan is not very informative on the descriptions of the characters or their personalities. While there was a least a

quote for each character it was not enough in my opinion to get into the story as if you can tell everything about the characters and their lives.

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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