one rainy night

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a working girl just got home. it's raining then and she watched a horror film which resembles her rainy night, could it also happen to her?

Submitted: October 08, 2010

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



One rainy night

The rain was splattering down on the ground. I quickly went inside my apartment. I am very wet. I forgot to bring an umbrella. Who could’ve thought tonight would be a rainy night? It was not announced in news, not even sensed b felines. The rain tonight is unexpected by everyone. For sure, I’m not the only one who got pissed off by it.

I went inside my messy bedroom to change my wet clothes. Secondly, I proceeded to my kitchen to prepare a bowl of hot instant noodles for my dinner. I went to my living room carrying the hot bowl of noodles together with a quilt which I got from my bedroom I turned the telly on and watched while eating. I switched channels then tuned it in a horror movie. A psycho killer killing in a dark, rainy night. The scene was in a dark, old mansion and when the lights went out, he started to kill. Nobody’s left alive and at the end of it, the killer’s face was closely shown. Then it gave me a suppressing fright. I am all alone here inside my apartment and the movie’s exactly the same as this night, RAINING. My bowl is empty, and I am sleepy. I stood up from the chaise lounge and turned the TV off and when I’m walking towards the kitchen to wash the bowl, the lights went out! You can’t see anything but the darkness alone. I immediately went to the kitchen cabinet, since I memorized the picture of my kitchen and besides, I could see the way to it by the flashes of the lightning to fish a flashlight or something that is luminous. I’m very nervous right now. My blood is rushing down my narrow veins, and my spines are feeling a tingling sensation. My heartbeat became rapid than usual. It’s like I was chased by a mad dog. I saw a flashlight but the power is low but it didn’t matter at these rough times, it’s still useful anyway to head me back to m bedroom. I lie down on my soft and cold bed and draped my body by the quilt. The flashlight is still on my grip, not letting it fall or misplace. I went inside of m quilt, I remember the movie and the fear is still on me. My sleepy head popped away. The drumming of the rain on my roof became softer, somebody knocked down my door, and I got more nervous. It might be a killer like in the movie. I didn’t go to look for it, instead, I stayed inside my quilt, shivering.

Few moments later, the rain stopped pouring down. The lights came back too and I decided to wash the bowl. Knock knock!

Somebody knocked again, my heart rushed again but I inhaled deeply and told myself I should go check it out. I peered through the hole on my door and I sighed in relief. I opened the door. “Your pizza is delivered, ma’am” the pizza boy said, wiping off his wet shirt. He handed me m pizza. “I’m sorry I forgot you!” I apologized. I hurried back to my room to get my payment and felt a little guilt. I decided to give him a tip with the same price of my order, it may help.

“Here, and take the tip. No refuse!” I convinced him and without a second thought, he accepted it. When I went to the kitchen to open the pizza, the box of the pizza is wet on the bottom of it. I quickly checked it out.

THE PIZZA IS WET AND SOILY. He must’ve been dropped it a while ago! The reason why he accepted my payment is because if ever I report him, he could pay for it! That was more astonishing than the movie I had watched this rainy night…

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