In Vision

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
This poem was derived from a dream I had one night. I am a new struggling Christian and before sleep that I night I prayed for God to guide. Things in my life were becoming quite complicated and I needed help.

One crucial aspect of the dream has been left out of the poem. In my poem I talk about being short of change to buy bread that I desperately needed. I found the price and miraculously I had the exact amount in pocket. When the cashier rang up the bread taxes were added and I could not come up with the difference which resulted in not being able to obtain the bread. Afterwards I woke up.

Look up this scripture about bread: Luke 13:20... see if you can make the correlation.
*If your not sure what "leavened" means look it up almost all store brand breads are leavened breads.

Submitted: May 29, 2013

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Submitted: May 29, 2013



In Vision.

A grey tone; cold dark sky.

Bladed beaks outside my windows

… Peck, peck is a constant drumming.

It wants to be in.

To gash through the newly built walls.

They are fragile; it knows.

Wild vines poke up the floor.

Ravenously growing once inside.

Deceiving with bright white plumes that stare to the sky,

It defiles and desecrates growing in all directions.



Remove the poisons. The light now grows dim.

The stores are closing. We are certain,

Time runs scarce; ready to pay the toll.

Atonements, all are due.

To purchase the Right, is to not be short changed.


If I cash out, will the difference add up?

Transgression by way of imperfection; but still,

Designed and desired.

Infinite chances; go back again.


To prepare; Two prevent.


Twice before have I faltered,

And more than twice, once again.

One. One for all.

Constant squandering; seemingly,

None for One.

Measures of value in blood,

Not in weight of precious metal.

But blood; engorged; sufficiency.

In deficit or of absence.

Which End?

All End.



© Copyright 2020 KE Caldwell. All rights reserved.

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