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It isnt finished a little stuck but...its about a race of advanced humans hiding on earth to protect it and some to destroy it... but i need help... :O

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010



The glass was cold against her forehead as she leaned closer to watch the seas disapproval as the black angry clouds crept over the rocky mountain ridges. Rain was pelting the tattered roof in an unforgiving pattern, warning of the coming storm. The wind was wild, pushing over the waves to crash into the old leaking shack she took shelter in. Placing a hand on the glass she felt the vibrations rush through her whole body as another crack of lighting scorched the bleak grey sky with an earth shaking growl of thunder following close on its heels. The waves were so strong; she watched as one after another crashed into the old wharf and the old wood splintered and broke away being dragged out into the oceans death trap. Another crack of lighting pierced the darkness and she flinched causing the rotten wood of the old table she was sitting on to break which sent her falling backward, landing hard on the ancient wooden floor boards with a sickening crack as her head hit the ground. Her cries of pain where drowned out by yet another hostile crash of lighting and thunder. Her vision started to darken and her body wouldn’t allow her to move. She knew she shouldn’t sleep in case she had a concussion but the pull of sleep was too strong to fight. Laying her cheek to the cool dusty floor she let her self find comfort in the sound of the storm raging outside.r
She couldn’t take her eyes off the creature with stained dripping teeth snarling at her. Its huge body was covered in scales and red piercing eyes that were glaring at her from the darkness of the tree line. Forcing her self to turn away from the ghastly image she ran up the only path back to the safety of her home. Running with speed she didn’t know she had she still wouldn’t make it, she could hear the creature panting hard to catch her, its feet hitting the pavement with a heavy thud as it closed in on her. She gasped as jagged claws closed around her leg and dragged her to the cement with an excruciating amount of force. She felt the claws slicing deep into her leg and a scream tore from her throat as the pain blazed through her entire body. The creature rolled her onto her back and spat vile liquid at her arms that were instinctively reaching for her leg. Rosalie’s stomach knotted as the vile liquid solidified and held her arm in place as it spat again this time the revolting fluid was aimed at her legs and pinned her to the spot The bile burned in her open wound and another scream passed her dry lips. She had no chance again the creature like this plus her leg was burning with a pain so excruciating she thought she would pass out but she wouldn’t with this “thing” watching her struggle. The creature circled her and moved to her side and raised the hand that cut her down and examined its claws that were now covered in her blood and turned its face toward her with a sickening smile pulling at the corners of its dripping mouth. Its heavy foot came down on her shredded leg and she heard the horrid snap of her bone as it was crushed beneath its enormous weight. It was waiting for her to scream, but she wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction instead she bit her bottom lip till the point blood was running down her chin and her tears were staining tracks down her cheeks. The scaled creature laughed low in its chest and lent toward her face, placing its bloodied hand across her throat. She could feel the sting of the tip of its claws pierce the sides of her neck but she didn’t move. The creature howled and sunk its claws completely into her neck then pulled back to watch its victim gasp for breath as her lungs filled with her own blood making it seem, as if she were drowning. Lighting cracked the sky and thunder became louder, rain started to fall pelting her skin, washing away the blood and beckoning her to wake up… 
She could here something moving around the shack but couldn’t force her self to open her eyes. Something heavy pinned down her lower half and was crushing her leg and she could tell it was broken, by the pain that was vibrating through her body. There was also some type on material covering her top half which was soaked from the rain and was keeping her arms locked over her chest. The storm was in full force now she could hear the wind had picked up and the waves were crashing harder against the cliffs, something moved in the shack again. She could sense it was trying to get to her but there wasn’t anything evil about it. She had always known peoples intentions before they did them, well it was more felt them then anything else, and right now she could feel who ever this person is they just want to help her. So instead of rousing she let herself drift back into unconsciousness when she felt hands press to her throat and lift the heavy objects off her. She will wake when the pain had gone and then ask questions as to how they found her. With that her mind shut down and her body started repairs on itself.
Conan felt her presents as soon as he walked into the half collapsing shack. Her inner light called to him asking for help and he couldn’t help but to answer. She was covered in what looked like an old shredded Curtin that was now drenched from the rain and rapped tightly around her waist and arms. There was also half of the shacks roof pinning the rest of her body to the ground, her face was pale she looked almost grey in completion and there was a stream of blood snaking its ways out from under the rumble of the roof. Quickly he pushed aside the fallen furniture and fell to her side pressing his fingers to her throat even though he knew she was alive, an old doctors habit he thought while grasping the corner of the fallen beam he lifted it with ease pushing it toward the far wall without taking his eyes off the small figure covered in soaked material. Pulling his small knife from his boots he cut away the curtain looking for other wounds as he was doing it, when his knife sliced thought the other side of the sheet he placed it back into his boot and pulled the frayed cloth away from the limp wet body. He grasped her shoulders lifting her just enough to place his arms around her back and pulled her to his chest as he slide his free hand beneath her knees and lifted her slowly so that he wouldn’t jar her leg that seemed to be broken even though her body had already started healing it, it would hurt until it was fully healed. She felt as fragile as a child against his large frame as he carried her through the storm to the safety of his home; he placed the ripped material back over her body to protect her from the rain and the winds ongoing torment.
The rain was falling in thick, fat drops when he opened the large wooden door to his home, quickly stepping inside he pushed the door shut with his foot and walked through the dark rooms to one of the spare bedroom with a fire place. He discarded the cloth off her small frame and carefully lowered her onto the bed being careful not to jar her leg, then covered her with the thick quilt. His eye sight was perfect in the dark so he glided to the back of his home without mistake, to find the dry wood to make a fire to warm up the girl. He was walking back to her room when he remembered her leg was bleeding and even though he knew she could heal faster then normal mortals he entered the bath room and grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink. Returning to the room he placed the first aid kit on the base of the bed and walked to the fire place and started stacking the wood. When a bright blaze filled the room he turned back to the girl and pulled the quilt down to expose her damaged leg. It was swollen and bruised but it had clotted and dried blood stained her calf and thigh, opening the kit he grabbed the cotton wool and disinfectant. Knowing it was going to sting and he didn’t want her moving to cause more damage to her leg he straddled her hips not using his full weight but enough to keep her down. Opening the bottle of disinfectant he dost the wounds and grimaced when she moaned and tried to move, using the cotton wool he cleared the dried blood away and wrapped her leg in gauze to help the healing. It wasn’t until he was tying off the bandage that he noticed her breath wasn’t in long, deep intakes which meant she was awake. Turning quickly to see if he was correct he over shot the turn and his knee slipped off the side of the bed and he fell to floor luckily landing on his shoulder and not his face. He was rubbing his now bruised shoulder when he heard the soft giggle from his patient and he turned to face her, still sitting on the ground.
“Well you don’t see that everyday do you? Getting woken up but someone sitting on me while they put something on my injured leg that made it hurt more and then watching them fall on their face. Yep I am going to be in a good mood and I am never a Morning person.” She laughed again when she saw his face, he looked like he just saw a ghost his face was pale and his blue eyes were wide like his mouth that was gaped open. “You know, flies might go in your mouth.” Smiling she tried to sit up but her head was still pounding so she fell back to the pillows with moan that tore at his heart and that shocked him even more. Finally finding his senses he stood up still rubbing his shoulder but his eyes were focused on her. Something must be wrong with her healing ability or she hasn’t awoken her ability completely. “How long since you have had your ability?” Rosalie opened her eyes slightly and just stared at him as if she had no Idea what he was talking about. Raising her arm she laid it across her eyes and moaned as the pressure made her head hurt even more. Muttering a curse she put her arm back at her side and looked at the man still focused on her. His blue eyes searched her face waiting for an answer but she didn’t want to give it. Noticing for the first time what he looked like her eyes widened. He was tall, at least 6 feet. His shoulders were broad and he was still rubbing his shoulder but there way no way that fall would have hurt him when he was covered in that much muscle, so it must have just bruised his ego. His arms and neck were tan so she guessed he was out in the sun a lot and from the muscles he wasn’t lazy, he was probably using a farmer for his cover.
No-one would disagree if they saw him just like she had her cover, a simple pre-school teacher from the middle of no-where and because she was petite and slim she passed as one. Even though if provoked she could wipe out the threat before they knew what was happening, lucky all the enhancements did her justice and kept her womanly figure instead of making her look like a body builder like some other unlucky women. She could feel him trying to get into her head but the first thing she learnt was to block everything from getting in, that’s why she is alone now. Sighing she rolled on her side sliding her hands up under her pillow and let sleep claim her again, she will talk when she is healed. Conan didn’t wake her when she fell asleep but he was so tempted to throw a pillow at her for ignoring him in the first place. Running his hands through his hair he moved silently from the room, closing the door with a single ‘click’. After deposing the blood drenched cottonwool he walked to the window and watched the dying storm as he thought of the small woman lying in the next room. He hadn’t met a female of his kind in a long time and it was almost unbearable to sit here and wait for her to wake instead of going in there and waking her himself and getting the answers he needed. Sighing softly he walked to the bathroom maybe a shower will help me think clearly.
Rosalie woke some time later her headache was gone and only a pick faded scar ran down her leg, and even that would soon be gone. When she was younger it frightened her that she could heal a lot faster than anyone else and her parents never told her why she could. Her mother distanced herself from her when she first found out about her ability and her father was worried about it and told her not to show anyone what she could do. After that when she noticed she could do other things a lot stranger she kept them to herself. Moaning at the thought of her parent’s disapproval she lifted the thick quilt and swung her legs off the bed, she couldn’t hear anything except the faint sounds of rain so the storm must have died down while she was sleeping. How long have I been sleeping and where has that strange man gone?  Just then she realised she wasn’t wearing clothes only her bra and panties that were both pretty much made completely out of black lace. Grabbing the sheet off the bed she wrapped it around herself and stomped to the door, swinging it open with more force than necessary she scanned the hallway, even though it was pitch black her eyesight was perfect just one of those abilities she had to hide. Turning to her left she crept toward an open door at the end of the hall, pausing in the doorframe she could make out a figure on the bed. It was large so it had to be the man that had brought her here, crossing quietly to the side of the bed she heard his light snoring so she was sure he was sleeping.
Well he woke me up by sitting on me; I may as well give him the same treatment. Smiling Rosalie lifted the sheet that was wrapped around her up just above her knees and slowly knelt on the bed, she was about to throw her leg over his backside when he turned over and pulled her over his chest and pinned her down, forcing her to become face to face with his triumphant smile. “Well what do we have here? I’m glad you’re feeling better but what are you doing trying to get in my bed?” his voice was a low purr that made Rosalie focus on his mouth until she realised that she was on top of him in only a sheet and from the feels of things so was he. Struggling to sit up she pushed at his chest but before she got good enough leverage he rolled her onto her back and locked her wrists above her head with his hands and covered her body with his. Oh crap Rose how do you get yourself into these situations?  Still wriggling trying to get up she could hear his laughter rumble through his chest “Please stop being so tempting or I will have to keep you like this” his smile was full of promise and that just made Rose struggle more. A rough moan escaped his mouth and he lent down close to her ear, his warm breath feathered down her neck when he spoke. “The more you move like that the less likely it is that I’m going to have the self control to let you go” Forcing her mouth to move she actually made words come out. “Get off me you big, tan baboon!” she sounded breathless and she was because some rhino was lying on her chest. Conan couldn’t help but laugh at the face she made but he thought it would be better if he did get off her; she was so small he could probably squash her if he had all his weight on her. Rolling off her still laughing he grab the sheet that had fallen and pulled it over his hips then locked his hands behind his head with a satisfied sigh. Oh what a jerk, if I had something hard right now I would hit him over the head with it! 
 Rose pushed herself up over the mound of pillows and rested her head against the head board and her hands played with the edge of the sheet she wore which reminded her why she started looking for him in the first place. Sitting up with a snap she poked his tanned chest “Where are my clothes?” her voice steady as she could make it but she could tell he didn’t believe she was angry. Turning his head and giving her the most innocent look a man could give he pointed to the fireplace and laughed.
“You where soaked right through and I didn’t want you to wreck my sheets so I threw them out” he closed his eyes and smiled completely satisfied with that answer until her felt her fist hit the side of his ribs and they snapped back open again. She hit him twice more before he could think to defend himself but as he went to grab her she disappeared and he fell to the mattress. Completely shocked he sat up searching for her and found her standing at the foot of the bed, arms crossed over her chest and feet wide spread as if ready for a fight. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he shuffled back against the head board and watched her watch him to see if he was going to make a move. Bitting back a smile he pointed to the chest of draws “There will be a pair of clean boxers in the top draw and my shirts are in the third draw, help yourself.” Watching her make her way to the draws, he wanted to know what else she could do and if she could teach him to control his own energy.


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