Beloved, a verdant rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

There was an erotic poetry night at my university, so I figured I would drum something up for reading. So essentially, sex. It was written in a similar vain of some confessional poetry that I had been reading for my Contemporary Literature class. (Plath, Sexton, Lowell, etc.)

The most important motif in the poem is the evolution/transformation of the actors as the act reaches its climax--pun intended.

Beloved, a verdant rose,
Coax the vapor from the morn
And bear the torrid Spring with

A labor like the shore.
Let now the crest collapse or
Inundate or mire

With a heat so young and primal
Of the fear beset desire.

To passion battered impulse,
More rational and limbic then,
No function of the soul but

Mechanical and venerate.
Torrents thunder on the skin,
Driven, craning for receipt:

Adam grinds the sweeter fruit
And stains a shadow on the sheet.

Spite me, please, I'm tired—
Suck the soul out of my pores—
To know the pleasant gender

Illuminates the face
Of God or something like it.
Lust is vapid and unkind;

Sink her body shallow, lithe
And she be born again refined.

behold the woman's bed

a birth to my Calliope
and when i was blessed

to be a man i knew
that never have i loved you
like this you are divine

a wisp between my fingers
with a kiss just like a whisper

Submitted: February 18, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Kean Flynn. All rights reserved.

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