if i could know what it is to understand, i would have understood it

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A closer look shows all edges as wispy and all connections as edges.

Instance of transparency
And a focal point or several
Keep your values and a source of light
Come again.


Keep your values and a source of light
Of of of out of the individual or entity to which it is signified or significated otherwise. Predicated. Felt the medicated.


“I screamed bloody murder. I was 12 years old. Fleshy. Bony.”
Hello citizen.
And that’s all I have. What age again? Can we have a conversation about truth? Are you sure it works that way? And the way. AND the way. THE way: The way and I supposed it always works that way. I suppose. Like head lice. Buried in on what we crescendo in that moment we decided we are a very good actor.


Act yourself but be a bit more theatrical.
Keep your light and source of values.
Imitation. ::: Intonation. ; an instance of transparency. It’s beautiful..

Submitted: September 15, 2015

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