The Trip, part 1

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The trip is the first of my recollections of the various travels I have endured across the astral plane and beyond. The trip chronicles my travels to the unknown tenth desert planet, and the experiences contained therein.

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012




I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was beyond the point-of-no-return, and decided to close my eyes. My other eye was opening now, and could see far too much. I found myself in the darkness; a dark, swirling vortex, falling and being lifted at the same time, spinning radically in all directions while my molecular structure arranged and rearranged itself in a rhythmic pattern. I was in the desert now: a golden landscape of rolling dunes against a violet sky.

I was entranced by the familiar sight of the moon, and I marveled at the beauty of its reflection of the light, which was of a fascinating violet-maroon hybrid hue which I had never quite sensed before. "I must get a better view," I thought, "I must bathe myself in the violet light." And so I started up the dune.It was not terribly tall, though it did have a treacherous incline, and my feet gave way twice or thrice before I reached the top. As I reached the summit I was awestruck.

From this vantage point, I could see no less than nine seperate planets, each with its own varying number of moons. The planets were enormous, and I had wondered how close they must be. It was now difficult to differentiate whether the moon I had previously experienced was revolving this world, or the next. The planets appeared to be in perfect alignment, channeling energy directly toward this desert world. Each planet apperead increasingly greater in size as their distance increased, so as to create a sort of bullseye pattern of worlds. I could see the violet glow emanating from behind the farthest, largest world. This was an eclipse, not a night.

Rational, earthly thoughts consumed me now. I crumbled to my knees. "Where am I...?" I mumbled, "How will I ever get back...?" "I don't wanna be here..." and in panic I fell to the sand, weeping. Quite some time passed before I regained my faculties, and I returned my gaze to the sky. I could now see another, second moon coming into view, one that previously appeared to be in orbit of the closest planet. "Maybe these planets could exchange or trade moons being this close to one another...", I thought, and just as I did, I heard a ruffle of sounds brought on the winds from below. In the far away distance, a faint glimmer caught my eye. I could see it dancing and glimmering like a land star, distant, yet reachable. I could distinguish it as none other than fire, and I made my way towards it. Whether it be natural, man-made, or otherwise, I could not tell, but I was determined to find out.

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