When Time Stops

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I wrote this after reading Punishment's 'Breaking the Hourglass' Actually, it was 99% of my comment! So here it is, now you don't have to be reading all the comments to see it! Enjoy!

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



She watches them,
from her chains.
They have won,
says a voice like rain,
they have defeated time.
And you are Avi,
goddess of Time.
And so, here you remain,
till someone breaks
Those lovers fair.
Avi's calm snaps,
She falls to the ground,
arms upraised by her
cruel, iron jailer.
tears and sobs ring together
in the misty Nothingness.
No, she screams, yet they heard it
as a whisper.
Please, she wails,
yet they do not believe,
caught in each other.
Then Death turns her head,
from where she is caught,
right next to Time.
Shhh, she croons, tears blacker than night,
The one with voice like rain,
leaves a rose on the black sweep
of Death's hair.
It falls past her ivory skin,
to the sleeveless dress,
it's silk stained with tears and blood.
yet still Avi weeps, not bothering to breathe
Soon, Avi is chained to a different misstress.
And the rest of the world,
never die, yet are still in pain.
the River slowly ceases to flow,
and the Lady of the River,
with voice of rain,
lies on her deathbed.
Then she sees.
The Lion.
And she and Death and the world,
dare to hope again.

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