Story behind the murder

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Story is about husband gets involved in his wife's murder.Did he really done that or not?

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



"Clue" story opens with one call comes to police station at night .One inspector picks and listen's that one murder happened.Inspector says murder.Inspector goes with another inspector to one house in jeep.They arrives to house and goes inside.Inspector see dead body of one lady.Inspector says who did the murder.One lady shouts that this person did the murder. That person was standing near the dead body that was lady's husband who died.The lady who told him the murderer that is his sister in law.Husband looks very depressed and shouts that he didn't killed his wife.Sister in law says inspector he is telling lie because hour ago they both had argument after that he got angry and killed her sister.Husband again shouts in loud voice that inspector argument happened between them but he didn't murdered his wife.Inspector goes near to dead body and see the neck and says murder is done with grabbing the neck.Sister in law says he tried to grab her sister's neck.Husband says yes he grabbed his wife's neck but after that she was alive when he seen and loudly says he didn't killed his wife.Sister in law says arrest him he is murderer.Husband gets his sister in law neck's and says she is telling lie.Inspector quickly gets him and says another inspector to get him.Inspector says properly tell what happened .Sister in law tells hour ago .Story goes in flashback.Husband comes late to house,he was drunken.Wife says why he started coming late to house.Husband says he was busy in office.Wife says not in office in some other work.Husband says what she trying to say.She says he is having affair with someone.Husband says how dare to say him such word.Wife says no now days he is having affair with other girl it is true. Husband grabs his wife's neck and shouts it's not true.Wife falls down.Flashback goes off.Sister in law was telling.Inspector says where this happened.Sister in law says in lobby.Inspector says where was she that time.Sister in law says she was in her room.Inspector says so that means her room is very near with lobby.Sister in law says yes.Inspector says after doing the murder where he gone.Sister in law says he gone outside for sometime but when he came and seen the dead body of his wife than he shouted and was doing habits like mad person.Husband says inspector nothing is true,After argument he grabbed his wife's neck but that time she fallen down and was alive and he gone outside and when he came and seen dead body of his wife and got shocked believe him.Sister in law says he is telling lie.Husband again gets aggressive and attacks on his sister in law.Inspector forcefully gets him.Inspector says to another inspector that take him away from here. Another inspector takes him away.Inspector says it was really bad what happened.Sister in law cries and says her sister was very nice but did mistake by getting married with him.Inspector says how they got married.Sister in law says that they know each other first and than got married but he married with her sister only for money. Inspector says okay.Inspector see the bangle in sister in law's hand.Inspector hold's the hand of her and says that's beautiful.Sister in law says thanks and gets her hand away quickly.Another inspector quickly comes there says he ran away.Inspector says what.Sister in law says oh no he will not leave her because she witnessed him.Inspector says don't worry they will get him.Inspector and other inspector quickly goes from there and tries to find him on jeep but does not gets to find him.After some time,they comes there.Sister in law says did they got him.Inspector says no they didn't got him.Sister in law gets tensed and says he will again come to here to kill her.Inspector says that can be happened.Sister in law says what.Inspector says be calm see now they are going to police station and they will try to get him.Sister in law says don't leave her alone.Inspector says they are leaving some cops outside house for protection and lock the windows and doors.Inspector says if she faces some problem than call to this number and don't be afraid.Inspector and other inspector goes from there.At police station,Inspector ask's to another inspector that he really killed his wife.Another inspector says he thinks no he can't kill his wife.Inspector says he can kill his wife for money.Another inspector says he asked many people about him and people told that he was rich person before marriage also.People also tells that he is really good person.People tells from last few months he was drinking to much alcohol because was not happy from his wife.Inspector says why he was not happy from his wife.Another inspector says because his wife always used to make doubt on him.Inspector says it's very interesting thing and tells he got one pearl from the dead body.Another inspector says may be this pearl can take to real murderer.Inspector says very right.Other side at house,Sister in law was very tensed.Suddenly she listen's one sound and gets afraid.She listen's sound from upstairs of house.She goes to upstairs and see window is opened.Suddenly husband comes in front of her with knife.She tries to shout but he gets his hand in front of her mouth and says don't shout otherwise he will kill her.Sister in law gets quiet.Husband says why she told lie to police.She quickly runs to downstairs and tries to call cops from outside.But cops were not there.Husband tries to get her but she also tries to get away from him. She gets away and again runs to upstairs.She quickly goes to upstairs and find's telephone and calls to police station.Inspector picks.She says she is in danger.He again gets her and says he will kill her.Inspector quickly goes from there with another inspector.She says leave her.He says why she told lie about him.She says that he killed her sister.He says he didn't.She tries to hit him.He tries to protect.She pushes him and goes to downstairs.He gets aggressive and attacks with knife.But than inspector arrives and says stop.Another inspector gets him quickly. Sister in law says arrest him he is very dangerous.Inspector says no he is not dangerous.Sister in law says what.Inspector says he didn't killed his wife.Sister in law says he killed his wife.Inspector says that she killed her sister.Sister in law says is he crazy.Inspector says don't try to be clever now curtains fallen down and play is over.Sister in law says what is the clue.Inspector says clue is this pearl and check the bangle of her hand that is made of pearls but one of the pearl is broken that pearl is in his hand.Inspector says now he tells full story after the argument he tried to grab his wife's neck than she fallen down that time she was alive.He gone outside of his house for sometime.This all happened in lobby and sister in law's from was very close.She gone to lobby and grabbed her sister's neck and killed.After that he came to house and watched his wife's dead body.Murder's blame was putted on him.Sister in law says its not true.Inspector that's true and why she killed her sister because she can put blame on him and he will get punishment of hang till death for brutally murdering of his wife and whole money and property she will get.Husband says so she did this all.Sister in law grabs the pistol from inspector and kills herself.In end husband says if person thinks lot before attempting crime than such things don't happen.

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