When I was in 12 th grade

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Its all about one guy who has one desire!

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



"Desire" story starts from a 17 year old guy.Who studies in 12 th grade.From many days he was watching a girl,who studies in his class.He talks daily with her but still nothing happens because his desire to do romance with her,which does not happens.Because he is not her boyfriend.Daily,When he goes to home he thinks lot about her .One day he see her in sexy mood in dreams.Than he gets very excited.Next day,at school he tries to talk with her and tries to impress her with his talks.But she does not takes interest.He gets very sad and sings song and express his feeling that he is romantic.After school time,He goes to her and ask will she talk with him?.She say what he wants to talk?.He says tell she is too beautiful and pretty.She says he is tooo good but she goes away from there.Feeling comes in his heart that he can't express his feeling of heart.At home,He writes poem and he gets romantic.At night,He sing and dance alone.Other day he meets her again in library alone.Again he tries to impress her and this time he tries to touch her.After some time,She reads book and he touches her hand and feels exciting.He says to her she smiles too lovely and she is lotus standing in pond.She says that he is monkey on tree and laughs.After school day,At evening,He plans that he will go to her home and he will fulfill his desire.He wears very good clothes and on bike at night goes to her home.That day,He does to tells his parents that he is going.He goes with out telling to them.His parents sleeps in other room,so they don't gets to know about it.He arrives to her house at 10.00 pm.He see that her room light is on.He see from down.He climbs and goes down to upstairs .He cleverly enters in her room.He see she is sleeping alone in very small clothes.Suddenly she awakes.He gets afraid.She says how is he? and do he need help and says to sit.He gets really surprised.She says that what she can do for him.He says how is she?.She says If he needed any help,he should call her to his home.Feeling comes in his mind is this true?.She says what he wants to do he can do and tries to open her clothes.He quickly runs from there and arrives to home.He takes breath and says what was that?At morning,He again goes to school and finds everything normally and finds her in normal condition.She ask's how is he?He says that he is sorry that last night happened.She says leave it.Let be friends.From there they become friends.

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