Whiskey Please

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Its all about person who is drunken and incident happens with him.

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



"Whiskey Please" story starts of man.Who is drunken.He is shouting on roads that he want lift.No one stops the car but after some time.One car gets stop.One rich man comes out of car and says hey man what are u doing and what u want.Drunk ed man says he wants lift to his house.Rich man says its too night and where is his house.Drunk ed man falls down.Rich man picks him and takes him to his own house.It was midnight when they arrived.Rich man takes him inside and makes him comfortable by laying him on sofa.After sometime,rich man wife awakes from bed and ask after watching drunk ed man who is he?Rich man tells her whole story.She says it strange it can be dangerous bringing strangers to home.Rich man says he will go in morning only one night.She says okay.After some time,drunk ed man awakes and see where he is?Rich man's wife gets know about it.Drunk ed man says he should go.She says its too late go in morning.Drunk ed man ask that where is that man who bought him here.She tells he is her husband and he is sleeping.After few seconds,drunk ed man says can she bring bottle of whiskey.She says sure but also thinks that is he crazy after drinking so much he asking for whiskey. She brings for him.He drinks whole bottle .After some time he says her to bring some snacks.She says okay.She thinks he is mad.When she took some snacks for him and returned to him than he was not there.He was gone too far from that house.Actually story started when he was shouting for lift.He was standing in front of bar.Few minutes ago from that he drunk ed 4 glasses of whiskey and when he was going for 5th glass bar got closed.His motive was to drink more whiske y his aim was fullfilled and when he was going for 5th glass bar got closed.His motive was to drink more whiskey his aim was fulfilled

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